Pirate Unit study

For the next 1-2 weeks we are going to be setting sail with the pirates.  HSS has one of the best units I think they have ever put out on pirates! There is just SO much there!



Roger, the Jolly Pirate



Little Badger, Terror of the Seven Seas (Badger Books)

Activities and Resources

*What is a pirate? A pirate is someone who commits an act of robbery while at sea

*the awesome pirate unit on HSS! (and lapbook, which we will be doing)

*here is a link with pirate word searches, pirate mazes and more

*Family Fun has a treasure map you can print and color, very cute!

*1-2 days we will spend learning about parrots, here is a parrot coloring page

*Pirate coloring pages, and more

*Here are some pirate crafts, isn’t this one cute? A pirate ship made out of a milk carton?

*Here is a pirate poem we may print, color and read

*Wouldn’t it be a lot of fun to make a pirate ship out of a big refrigerator box? I’ll have to see if I can call around and find one! You put it long ways and cut off the top part, you can also cut out oars out of the leftover cardboard. Make a sail from a pillowcase, and of course make a pirate flag! I’m sure the kids would have fun painting it too, maybe that would be a good outside project.

*Make an eyepatch with cardboard and a piece of elastic. Have the kids paint it black. After we make our patches, we will try a few different activities from around the house and see how much more difficult things are with only one eye!

*At some point Val and I will have to come up with some sort of treasure hunt complete with a treasure map and of course a treasure at the end!

*I got a large 100 piece floor puzzle of pirates at a school supply store and will pull that out this week for the kids! HERE is the link on amazon for it and below is a picture of it.

*Listen to Pirate Sea Chantries (there are links on the HSS unit)

*We will be learning and identifying the 7 Seas

*We will be making a compass for our lapbook and working on N, S, E, W.

*Somehow I would like to “rig” a plank for the kids to walk on…of course not up too high…but just to see what a plank was like. Any ideas?

*If you happen to be a member of abcteach there are really cute pirate paper bag puppets and parrot paper bag puppets! We will do at least one of these.

*Oh my goodness! You have to take a look at these CUTE pirate cupcakes from Cupcakes Take the Cake! I was searching around for a pirate cake, but they were all so elaborate…I came across these and we HAVE to make these!! SO CUTE!

Ahoy Matey! Clean Pirates

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