Exploring Creation with Astronomy

exploring creation with astronomy

We had such a great time 2 years ago learning about God’s amazing creation in the sky with Exploring Creation With Astronomy  by Jeannie Fulbright. There are so many homeschoolers using these fabulous elementary science books, and when we met together with 2 other families and added hands on activities to this curriculum, it was a hit for sure! Here are some ideas we used as hands on activities, crafts & group activities with our small co-op of 3 families.

Chapter Activities


Chapter 1 ~ What is Astronomy? {glitter galaxies & edible solar system}

Chapter 2 ~ The Sun {UV color changing beads}

Chapter 3 ~ Mercury {flour and craters}

Chapter 4 ~ Venus and  {volcanoes & astronomy art with oil pastels}

Chapter 5 ~ Earth {play dough model of earth with layers}

Chapter 6 ~ The Moon {Model of Moon craft, astronaut food}

Chapter 9 ~ Jupiter {fun Jupiter paintings}

Chapter 10 ~ Saturn {Saturn Mad Libs}

Chapter 13 ~ Constellations  and Stars  {constellation booklets & star links}


More Astronomy Helpful Links

I hope these ideas will help you as you study astronomy with your family! Even if you aren’t using Apologia’s text book, you can still get some really fun ideas here! Astronomy was one of my kids favorite sciences we’ve ever done. Going back through all these posts makes me want to study it again and learn even more about God’s amazing creation!!

Happy star-gazing, friends!

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  1. Those ideas don’t look too hard (or messy) and do look like a lot of fun. 😀
    Have you guys done the anatomy course yet? That’s what we’re planning for next year.

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