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Have you noticed the lovely updates that have been happening around my blog of late?? I’m soooo pleased with the work that Ashley, from Dinosaur Stew on Etsy, did with my blog! I wanted something simple and beautiful and also wanted to have a little re-grand opening for this little home on the web.

You see, as I discussed a few months ago, with my kids in school this year, the blog will move away from hands on fun homeschooling ideas to more encouragement for EVERY mom, whether you homeschool or not!

Because I have shared much of my journey on depression, I am including a few of my FAVORITE titles in this give away for folks who struggle. My heart is to bless EACH of you, but one winner will be chosen to win this little package of many of my favorite goodies.

If you’re new to my blog, WELCOME! You can subscribe to my blog to receive one email per week with all my posts in it, if you prefer to read blogs by email! I would love for you to be encouraged by my FREE Hope devotions and my page dedicated to sharing my journey through depression.

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Encouragement for Moms Giveaway From His Mercy is New

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Encouragement for Mom Prize Pack

More About These Prizes

This book has been the best book on depression that has a Biblical view that I’ve ever read. I have written several posts on this book, click over to read them all!

This book was written by an online blogging friend of mine and is SUPER practical for those of us that have these struggles! Not many will fess up to all these issues that come along with depression, I applaud Tabitha’s bravery and courage in writing this book! I wrote a full review of it here.

I read this book by Ann Kroeker several years ago and had quite the “aha” moment followed quickly by RELIEF. There were other moms who over-thought everything? There were other moms who needed some quiet in their day? There was a way to SURVIVE motherhood even with these attributes? This book will actually inspire you to NOT be so busy so that you have more time for true rest and reflection.


I bought this shirt as an “extra” at Allume just waiting for a sweet give away to have on my blog! 🙂 One of you will be the lucky recipient! I love what Mercy House Kenya does and love the meaning that comes with this shirt! Beauty from ashes…

Each Child is U-NEEK at mercyisnew.com

These U-NEEK items from Dayspring are ADORABLE! I did a full review of this line back in June. One of you will win one of the little stuffed animals and a set of encouraging notecards for your kids lunch boxes as well!


The Busy Mom’s Guide to Daylight is a book from Heidi St. John, or The Busy Mom. I love Heidi’s ministry and her heart for sharing the freedom found in the gospel. I’m blessed to contribute to her blog and am thrilled that she is sharing one of her books with you!


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Author: Candace Crabtree

I'm Candace and I'm grateful you're here. It is my heart's desire to encourage you while you're visiting and remind your heart of the truths of God's Word and the power of HIs love to transform lives. Great is His faithfulness! {Note: this blog does use affiliate links.}

42 thoughts on “Encouragement for Mom {give away}”

  1. It encourages me as a mom when I see the tiniest bit of good character in one of my children. Then I know I must be allowing God to work through me to push these children on the right path 🙂

  2. Thank you for touching on a topic that most Moms are afraid to talk about publicly! As someone who struggles with post partum anxiety, I appreciate you! It encourages me as a Mom, to see other women who have overcome what I struggle with.

  3. When I need some encouragement there is nothing better than a hymn to lift my spirits! A cup of coffee and some dessert with a good friend doesn’t hurt either. 😉

  4. That’s a tough one. These days I’m struggling to find encouragement in the midst of despair. It’s been a rough few months around here. I’m headed into my BIBLE for some comfort this morning.

  5. Thank you for you blog! I also struggle with depression and realizing I am not alone and there are other Christian moms who struggle too is so encouraging. Depression is still a very uncomfortable topic for many and it’s so easy to feel alone and isolated. May God bless you as you continue to serve others by sharing your journey with us. <3

  6. Thank you for this blog. I am struggling right and really feeling overwhelmed with work and the kids starting school. I feel encouraged when other moms compliment my kids!

  7. Encouragement for me is the Bible, first and foremost and another is other moms that are REAL and let people know they struggle too!

  8. That’s a tough question for me today, as I’m not feeling the encouragement today! But I guess when it all comes down to it, I’m encouraged when I put things in perspective and realize that my family and I are safe in the hands of God. All my fears about the world, and if I’m a “good enough” mom, wife, etc., concerns about my kids not having what I think they need, can all be put to rest when I remember that one thing.

  9. I think I feel encouraged when I see how the future could be, that it can be good. I also am encouraged by spending time with my husband, he encourages me and lifts me up so much.

  10. I am encouraged as a mom when I have a tough moment with one of my kids and am able to manage it with grace.

  11. I am encouraged as a mother when one of my children helps another one. Kindness and compassion are the biggest encouragers!

  12. I’m encouraged when my husband tells me he thinks I’m doing a good job….that I’m a good mama. 🙂

  13. I’m encouraged by my online friends – I have two groups of ladies that I’ve become friends with over the years. The first group and I started our TTC journeys in 2007 together and the other group of friends and I all have November/December 2012 babies. They are a great source of encouragement when you’re having a down day!

  14. knowing that I am not alone in this mom journey!! I am going to email you as well, one of your tabs caught my eye

  15. Other moms especially helps to encourage. And God finds ways to encouragement through various things. 🙂

  16. I am encouraged by other moms who take the time to share their hearts with me. So much encouragement is found by knowing that someone has been where you have been and felt what you have felt.

  17. I know it sounds trite, but, a walk. A nice walk outside never fails to encourage and refresh me. I gain better perspective, clear my mind a bit, and renew strength.

  18. I find encouragement from Scripture and being a women’s Bible study at church. I enjoy the fellowship. My hubby is a huge encouragement to me. And I find encouragement in getting away by myself (even if it’s just in my bedroom) with a good book and some hot tea so I can refresh.

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