Praying the Scriptures with Your Children

Praying the Scriptures with Your Children

The Lord has taken me on a journey with Him these last few years. He has taken me through the valley of depression and comforted my heart through those dark times with His Word. The book of Psalms became my solace, hope and eventually joy. I would read a Psalm each morning, I would write them on index cards, I would carry them with me through my days.

Eventually, those words of the Psalmist became the words to my prayers. Often, when I didn’t have words to speak, the words I would read in God’s Word would echo the cries of my heart.

And now, as my children grow, we face similar anxieties and frustrations and moments of anger with them. I don’t always know what to pray. So, like the moments of despair I felt in my own life, I turned to God’s Word to give me prayers when I didn’t know what to pray.

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Jesus, Light of the World {YouTube Playlist}

Jesus Light of the World TALL graphic Vibrant Homeschooling


Worship is powerful. Sometimes songs  voice the cries of our hearts more than even our own words can do. I have put together a play list of songs to go along with the Advent Prayer Journal daily readings!

Listen to one or more songs each morning as you read and pray through the daily reading. Or listen to one each morning with your children as you read the Scripture verse about light.


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Jesus Light of the World playlist


Jesus, Light of the World {PRINT edition}


Print Copy Jesus Light of the World 2

My heart, as I’ve been sharing about Praying the Scriptures, has been for each of you to personalize the Scriptures and pray them yourselves. My hope has been to express how impactful this practice has been and inspire you to give it a try.

When I released the ebook, Jesus, Light of the World: Praying the Scripture through Advent, I knew that eventually I would LOVE to offer these as journals ~ in print ~ for you to write in.

Because so many of you have already asked for the print version, I have looked into several options and have one option available now for you!

Head over to LuLu’s site and you can order directly from there!

I have already ordered several myself and they are beautiful, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Print Copy Jesus Light of the World

Advent Wreaths: A Tradition of Light

10 Beautiful Advent Wreaths

There is a reason that we light candles and have traditions of advent wreaths and hang lights on our homes and Christmas trees…

Jesus is the LIGHT of the world! 

What better way to celebrate the entrance of LIGHT by lighting up our homes and hearts. It can be as simple as lighting a solitary candle on your nightstand as you read your Bible in the morning. Or it can be as elaborate as you want it to be! I love candles, I am drawn to the flicker and pray my heart is drawn to the true LIGHT of the world in the same way.

This advent season, I would love for you to join me as we pray through Scriptures of light during the Advent season! To celebrate the release of these Scripture Prayers and Devotions, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite advent wreaths from around the web!

I shared more about what Advent is, why this Protestant celebrates it and many of the other Advent traditions in this post!

10 Beautiful & Unique Advent Wreaths

  1. Advent Wreath from the Kitchen @ The Small Notebook
  2. Pine Branches & Twine Advent Wreath @ norococo
  3. Terra Cotta Pot Advent Wreath Tutorial @ EAB Designs
  4. Planter & Pine Boughs Advent Wreath @ Homespun Living
  5. Cradle to the Cross Advent Wreath @ A Holy Experience
  6. Mason Jar Advent Wreath @ Yellow Bliss Road
  7. Simple Ribbon Advent Wreath @ Home Shopping Spy
  8. Wooden Plate & Twine Advent Wreath @ One More Mushroom
  9. Cake Stand Advent Wreath @ White Living
  10. Votive Candle Advent Wreath @ The Joys of Home Educating

Praying the Scriptures Through Advent

God Made Light {Brand New Beautiful Children’s Book}

God Made Light - Inspirational Children's Book

When I began preparing Jesus, Light of the World: Praying the Scriptures Through Advent for release, I began looking for children’s books that could be paired with this devotional/prayer journal for mama. I found a brand new book, by Matthew Paul Turner, that is just perfect. I love it and I know you will too! Matthew is husband to Jessica who is one of my favorite bloggers at The Mom Creative.

God Made Light is a sweet, rhyming picture book about God creating light…and then the importance of light from there after! This book celebrates light in God’s creation and then the light in each of us.

“Let there be light! That’s what God said. And light began shining and then started to spread.” Matthew Paul Turner, from God Made Light.

Then, I realized that Dayspring had collaborated with Matthew Paul Turner to create an entire line of goodies to go with this children’s book. Perfect.

A floor puzzle….

{Click on pictures to go to Dayspring and view items}
God Made Light - Floor Puzzle

A nightlight…

God Made Light - Decorative Night Light

Encouragement Notes for Kids…

God Made Light - Encouragement Notes for Kids

Take a look at one of these little encouragement notes. MY FAVORITE!! Swoon! Now that our kids are in school, lunch box notes are one of my FAVORITE things to do!! 🙂

Is this not absolutely precious??


Pair this children’s book with a mom’s prayer guide on the topic of light, along with more educational ideas for studying light with your children found on this Pinterest board…and you are good to go! Also be sure to check out these gorgeous coloring pages and activity sheets created to go with God Made Light.

Jesus, Light of the World…we worship You! 

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