Caleb’s 1st day of chores

I have been slowly working with Caleb on doing little chores in the morning. His list is not nearly as long as the girls, but he does have a few chores that he is capable of! So, today, for the first time, I put up a chore chart for him! He was super excited when he woke up, to see his own chore chart beside the girls pages! He excitedly ran to do each chore and then come back to put the sticker on! I hope his excitement lingers for awhile! :)

I put pictures on his chart instead of words, so he can know what to do for each one. A bed = make your bed, a shirt = get dressed, dishes = put your dishes in the sink after meals, etc.

He was SO proud after he got done and I praised him for doing all his chores with a happy heart!


This is one of those conversations that made my heart melt…and pound at the same time! I didn’t quite know how to respond to my 3 year old boy. One night before bed this is what Caleb said to me…

Mommy: night night, Caleb. I love you!

Caleb: Mommy, what is love?

Mommy: ummmmmm, welllll….ummm.

Caleb: No mommy, what is love?

Mommy: well, I love you means I care about you, you are very important to me, you are very special to me…(obviously floundering for words here!)

Caleb: but what does “love you” mean?

Mommy: well, it means that mommy loves you verrrrrry much! Now go to sleep! :)