When Joy is Elusive

This is my story, this is my song…praising my Savior all the day long!

Joy has often been elusive for me. Or possibly it was my own idea of what JOY is that made it seem elusive for me.

But, just like the beatitudes in Matthew, often God’s view of things is totally counter-cultural to the world’s. Blessed are those who mourn? Blessed are the meek? Count it ALL JOY when you face trials? The joy OF THE LORD is my strength? YOU will fill me with joy? I have been studying joy & abundant life in the Scriptures. God is teaching me so much through His Word. He is changing me from the inside out.

Anti-depressants stole my personality for years. They stole my joy. They stole my emotions. Depression rocked my world.  {This is not a suggestion to go off of yours, mine helped me in the beginning. I am not a medical professional. I am only sharing from my personal experience.}


He is restoring my IMAGE BEARER personality. He is restoring my JOY. He is restoring my emotions. God created emotions, you know. He didn’t create us to TRUST our emotions but He did create our emotions. For me, anti-depressants took away the lows (praise God!) but they also took away the highs, the tears, the laughter.God has used so many things to change my heart. There is no easy fix, I’m sorry to say. But there are things that can help and are helping to restore my joy!

5 Things God is Using to Restore my Joy

God has used a combination of these things to give me my joy back.

  1. Praying His Word. Clinging to His promises. Claiming them as my own.
  2. God’s medicine cabinet full of essential oils and supplements — you know one of the biggest benefits of using oils regularly is emotional stability, right?
  3. Changing my diet, slowly but surely. Less grains, less sugar. I’m trying.
  4. More exercise & strength training than I’ve ever done before.
  5. Good sleep, but also going off my sleep meds has helped me sleep BETTER & wake up feeling energized.

I would love to walk alongside you on this wellness journey…this battle for JOY…this ABUNDANT LIFE we’ve been given.

Starting with essential oils is a great first step!! Dealing with our stress & anxiety will go a long way in helping us grab hold of the PEACE and JOY God offers. We are not “stuck” with the negative qualities of our personalities. We are never hopeless. God is always in the business of MAKING US NEW. Who is with me?

When you join my team!

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Homeschooling Survival Tips with Essential Oils

As we head BACK TO SCHOOL, I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to use essential oils in our homeschool! (Keep reading to the end, I have a FREEBIE offer for you!)

First of all, you should know, I have teenagers. My particular teenagers don’t always buy into the oil thing OR want to be excited about what mom is excited about. 😉 So, just because I can’t always get my kids to participate or be excited about essential oils doesn’t mean that I can’t still use essential oils in our homeschool! {Insert my evil laugh…}

My 3 Favorite Tips for Surviving Homeschooling with Essential Oils

1. Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse.

This is the BEST way to use aromatherapy in your home and help your children to reap the benefits of essential oils without ever even touching a bottle themselves!

Diffusing is one of my TWO favorite ways to use essential oils in my home! Aromatherapy is real, y’all.

Did you know that our SENSE OF SMELL is the ONLY SENSE that goes straight to the limbic system?? Why does that matter? Do you know what the LIMBIC SYSTEM does in our bodies?!?!

The primary structures within the limbic system include the amygdala, hippocampus, thalamus, hypothalamus, basal ganglia, and cingulate gyrus. The amygdala is the emotion center of the brain, while the hippocampus plays an essential role in the formation of new memories about past experiences.

Our EMOTIONS and our MEMORIES are so very affected by SMELL. This is one of the biggest reasons why essential oils WORK so well to help support our emotional wellness. 

(Well, along with the fact that God made them and He is the ultimate Creator and a good Father who knew what His children would need!)

My favorite oils to diffuse on a school day: 

  • Orange (great for a mood boost)
  • Anything Citrus (citrus oils are HAPPY oils)
  • Peppermint (helps wake us up!)
  • Joy – need I say more?

2. Use blends in roller bottles.

I use several blends in roller bottles on a regular basis. A roller bottle top will allow you to just ROLL the oil straight onto your wrists, neck, bottoms of feet OR those of your children! Easy and quick!

These 2 particular blends I’m going to share with you are 2 of my VERY FAVORITES.

Focus blend. I use this focus blend with my son every morning before school. I also use it right before we tackle a tough subject like math!

Happy mama or Happy student blend. This blend is the perfect perfume for mama or the perfect way to bring some HAPPY and MOOD LIFTING scents into your home!

3. Oils for the stressed out mom.

The number 1 reason I use oils for surviving homeschooling is to SUPPORT MY OWN WELL BEING. Stress and anxiety has always been a part of my mothering. If you’ve read my blog for long, you know that depression was a part of my life for so many years. Not until I started really focusing on my health did I start to find ways to help manage my stress & mood better. Essential oils play a HUGE role in helping me to feel my best, less irritable, I don’t feel that panicky anxiety anymore. Praise God!

My favorite oils for stress:

  • Frankincense
  • Valor
  • Orange
  • Peace & Calming
  • Ningxia (not an oil but it is a supplement that is infused with oils! This is our super fruit juice supplement that helps me with stress management and energy!)

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Let’s have our best school year ever, mamas! <3

5 Reasons You Need a Diffuser in Your Home

My favorite way to use essential oils is in a diffuser. Or two. Grin.

I started thinking about lots of reasons WHY I love having diffusers in our home and thought I would share some of those favorite reasons with you!

I discussed these 5 reasons AND my favorite current oil combos in the diffuser in this video on Youtube. (Click this link if you’re reading this blog post in an email.)

5 Reasons Why We All Need Diffusers

Candles & Air Fresheners are Toxic – I love for my house to smell good. I’m the girl who got a new candle nearly every time I went to store. Those plug ins? Febreeze? Air fresheners? ALL TOXIC. And we light them or plug them in and breathe it in all day long. No wonder we are all sick, right?! You can make your house smell good AND do your body good by using high quality essential oils in your diffuser on a regular basis! I especially like them beside our beds at night so that we reap the benefits of the aromatherapy all night long.

Aromatherapy is real. Yes. Yes, it is. Studies show that by smelling essential oils, they enter into our body systems and begin working within minutes. And can you guess what essential oils help with the most? MOODS. Hmmm. Well now. I know we can all use some mood improvement in our homes. Grin.

Relaxation & Sleep – There are so many oils that support healthy sleep and will help you unwind at night before bed. Many people love to combine Lavender and Cedarwood in their diffusers at night. I mention my personal favorite oil for bedtime in the video!

De-germify – Yes, I think that is a word. But seriously, help support healthy immune systems in your home by using oils like Thieves and Purification in your diffuser! Smells good + keeps us well = win win!

Mental alertness – We all need a little pick me up now and then! Maybe you’re driving and you are drowsy, put in a “DIY diffuser” by placing a drop of peppermint on a cotton ball and sticking it in your car vents! Put a diffuser on your work desk with peppermint and citrus in it! It’s a great way to wake up in the middle of the day if you’re hitting a slump.

Free Diffuser

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Essential Oils and Kids

Did you know that you are likely exposed to over 300 toxins inside your own home on a daily basis? Possibly even 80 toxins even before breakfast! Our homes can be one of the most toxic places and many of us spend most of our hours inside with all of these toxins.

The cleaners we use, the beauty products, soaps, make-up, shampoo, deodorant, candles, air fresheners, laundry detergent, fabric softener…all of these things have ingredients in them that are not good for our families to be exposed to.

Friends, we do have control over what we bring and do not bring into our homes! 

Essential Oils are one fabulous way to start the journey to toxin-free living. We can rid our homes of 90% of the toxins by purchasing a STARTER KIT and the THIEVES CLEANER concentrate!! Our household cleaner comes in a concentrate that costs $22 and can make 20-30 spray bottles full! You can replace ALL your cleaners with this ONE ITEM. Yes, please, thank-you-very-much. (You may remember that I shared my homemade cleaning wipes recipe using this cleaner! Replace all your Clorox wipes with these! Your kids can clean the bathroom safely now. You’re welcome.)

Using essential oils with our children can be a wonderful tool in our wellness toolbox! However, sometimes there is fear that goes along with that. Oils are very powerful gifts from God, straight from the plants He gave us. Generally speaking, with children, you will want to dilute the oils you use with them!

My favorite way to dilute is to use a carrier oil (I use fractionated coconut oil) and place in an empty roller bottle with the roller top lid. This way you can just roll it over your child’s feet, wrists, neck or back. You can buy the roller tops directly from Young Living that will fit right onto the top of your young living oil bottles!

I have created a simple PDF that you can print and use as a reference!

With these oils listed in on the PDF below, place a few drops into a bottle, according to the dilution chart, add your carrier oil, and then apply to the bottom of your child’s feet, their wrists, the back of their necks or in the case of bug bites, apply lavender directly to the bite!

Click on the graphic to print your copy!

Essential Oils and Kids PDF

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We all have questions and need support and help in our journey to wellness. Join our sisterhood under the leadership of Dr. Edie Wadsworth where you will be added to our facebook group that is fun and encouraging. We offer so many classes, videos, education and support!

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More Simple Steps to Detoxifying Your Home

Read about dryer balls, homemade deodorant and more in this post! 5 Simple Resources to help you detoxify your home! 

More Roller Bottle Recipes

I have another printable PDF that has some of my favorite roller bottle recipes on it!

6 Tools in my Emotional Wellness Toolbox

For many years I have struggled with emotional wellness. Depression and anxiety were a part of my daily life for quite awhile. Darkness crept in and led me on a journey through the wilderness. God met me there. Make no mistake. He was right there with me.

But through that time, I have learned and grown and God has shown me new glimpses of Himself that I would never have known had I not walked through the valley.

In this video, I share more of my personal story as well as 6 of the most helpful tools I have in my toolbox for emotional wellness!


6 Tools in my Emotional Wellness Toolbox

God’s Word

God’s Word truly is a lamp unto our feet and a light for our path! We find encouragement, comfort, wisdom, correction, and the power of God’s Living Word each time we open the pages to study, read or pray through it.

One of my favorite tools for studying God’s Word is this Bible Study Methods Course: 7 Ways in 7 Days! It is a video course with a video for each of the 7 methods of Bible study plus workbook pages for each as well!

Prayer & Praying The Scriptures

Sometimes we don’t have the words to speak. Praying God’s Word has transformed my prayer life. I no longer have to worry if what I’m praying is in alignment with God’s Word or that I won’t be able to thick of what to say. I pick up God’s Word, the Psalms is my favorite place to start, and I read the Word of God out loud, and slowly God transforms my heart as I pray His words back to Him.

I have monthly plans for praying the Scriptures if you’d like to print these off for your own personal quiet times. There are plans for praying for your children, praying for your husband, praying for teachers, praying verses of hope, and more.


Food is medicine. At least that is what I’m learning. Not that I eat well 100% of the time but I am learning. I am much healthier than I was in 2016. I’m taking baby steps and feeling SO GOOD.

I currently am listening to It Starts with Food and this book is SO GOOD. I seriously wish everyone could listen to it! If you want to know more about WHAT food does inside our bodies and brains, listen. If you deal with anything like inflammation, allergies, skin issues, obesity, fatigue, and on and on…they cover ALL of this. I am really enjoying the audio book as I don’t think that I would do well reading a book like this myself.


Exercise is another one that has been SO hard for me. But, here I am, the end of March and have been exercising consistently 3-4 times per week since the first week of January! I am actually ENJOYING it, too.

For me, what has helped me to enjoy it more this time around is 1) meeting friends to exercise with 2) having the blessing of a gym/work out room at our church free to use 3) meeting friends with KIDS for mine to play with 4) a personal trainer friend giving me exercises to do and weight training as well 5) feeling myself getting stronger 6) seeing my stress levels more manageable.

I have lost 12 pounds so far since the beginning of the year by eating better and exercising regularly. Feeling good is one of my biggest motivators right now. My emotional wellness affects my life so much!

Small Group & Church

My small group is one of the greatest blessings in my life. They are my people. They love me for who I am. We learn together. We grow together. We grieve together. We do life together.

We were made for relationships. Do not forsake meeting together. If you don’t have a church family, please start looking today and just get involved. Don’t look for the perfect church, you won’t find it. We are all just a mess! But find a place where you can serve and love and be loved in return. With God’s help you can find it! Even if you have to invite people over to your own house to find it!

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” Hebrews 10:24-25

Essential Oils

Did you know that one of the MAIN benefits of using essential oils daily and consistently is improved MOOD!?!? I mean, come on. Could there be any better gift for me? Created by God Himself? He placed Adam and Eve in a garden and this was the ideal and perfect setting. These days we aren’t outside enough to reap the benefits of all the plants and oils in creation. So, these precious little tiny bottles and diffusers help bring God’s creation right into our homes!

I use several oils regularly that all help with the wellness of our family and my moods and emotional wellness. If you want more information or to join our team (all under the leadership of Dr. Edie Wadsworth) let me know! We have an amazing team and IT MATTERS what team you join! We have classes, facebook groups, regular video teaching, fun give aways and more within our Oily Sisterhood!

I have several videos on my YouTube channel where I talk about what oils I use and how I use them if you want to watch any of these.

Let’s hear from you! What are the tools in your emotional wellness toolbox? What helps keep you and your family well! What is one thing on this list you would like to try?