Since coming home from Alaska

I wonder…

Do the boys at the orphanage know the love of Jesus?

Do the boys at the orphanage know that we truly love them.?

Will the Lord send someone (soon) to walk alongside these boys and disciple and encourage them?

Were the seeds firmly planted in the children at VBS?

Who will help water them?

Do the pastors of the 2 churches we were at know we are praying for them?

Will God open more hearts in Alaska?

Will He send more of His people into the darkness? Soon?

Will the outermost villages ever see the Light of Christ fill their villages?

Will the suicide rate go down before Jesus comes back?

Will the LIGHT overtake the DARKNESS that is there?

Did those we came into contact with see Jesus in us?

Did Mark, Ricky, and Barry from the food bank hear the love of Jesus in our words?

Who will go?

The Lord is my LIGHT and my SALVATION…whom shall I fear?

Psalm 27:1

Alaska – the wedding!

Yes, you read that correctly! 2 of our very dearest friends and members of our team got MARRIED right beside a glacier bay in Alaska on Saturday! DJ and Rebecca have been waiting on the Lord to tell them when the time was right. They didn’t plan to do it this way, but once we were here, it just seemed so right. They told David and I, but to everyone else (including Rebecca’s mother who was with us on this trip!) it was a HUGE surprise!

Saturday was our last full day in Alaska with the Arkansas team. Scott had planned for us to go site-seeing and shopping. We went to Portage Valley to a BEAUTIFUL location to take pictures and look around. While there, Scott said, “hey, everyone, come over here!” Next thing you know, he had out his Bible, DJ and Rebecca read their own vows, they exchanged rings (that we had gone to help them buy earlier in the week one evening!) and Scott pronounced them man and wife! It was VERY exciting!

Alaska has become a very special place to DJ and Rebecca…as they are praying about and probably moving to Alaska to be full time missionaries sometime within the next year. With all the beautiful surroundings, and the special place that Alaska has in their hearts, they decided to go for it while we were there! It could not have been more perfect for them!

Congratulations to DJ and Rebecca! We feel blessed to call you FRIENDS.

Alaska – VBS

During our time in Alaska, one of our main “jobs” was to have a VBS for the children of Muldoon Road Baptist Church and University Baptist Church. We just fell in love with the people of these 2 churches! Our hearts were also broken for the struggles they are facing. We were blessed to be able to attend services at both churches, and both churches have their own set of struggles. One church has had multiple staffing issues, being without a pastor for long periods of time. One of the churches was the largest growing Baptist church in the NATION at some point in the last 15-20 years, however now they have around 50 people in attendance on Sundays.

Doing a winter VBS was something new for the missions director here, Scott Kirby. So, it was new for the church too. We did not know what to expect! But, we ended up with about 30-40 children coming each day. And we had so much fun with them!

The other church that teamed with us on this trip was from Arkansas. They brought a phenomenol clown ministry with them. Each day the clowns would do fun songs and do skits that had a spiritual point to it somehow. They also did balloon animals for the kids each day after VBS was over. We also had several ladies doing face painting each day. The kids just loved this!

As you may remember, my job was leading music time. You may also remember that I felt like I didn’t have time to prepare! God answered my prayers above and beyond what I thought would happen. The Lord provided a little bit of time for me to learn 2 songs from the VBS curriculum that the Arkansas team brought. They also had a dvd that I watched 2 days before VBS started to learn all the motions to the songs. Another blessing was that the clowns were with me during music! So, they were able to do the fun songs at the beginning and that was a huge blessing!

Here are some pictures from our week with VBS.

Alaska – Baptist Boys Home

One of the biggest blessings and highlights from our time in Alaska was spending time with the Baptist Boys Home. There are 10 teenage boys in this home right now. They are all there for different reasons. They may have been in trouble for various reasons, but there are others who were taken from their homes due to abuse.

This is the place that broke our hearts the most, gave us the most joy and that gives us so much to be praying about! We just love these boys!

The first day we went to spend time with them, they were very unresponsive. Not many of them talked to us at all. The second day we could tell a big difference. And by the end of the week, the boys were coming up to each of us and asking for hugs. I found myself wondering when they had a hug last. By the end of the week, we had several boys who made decisions for Christ. They all raised their hands (several with tears in their eyes) saying they wanted a change in their lives.

The last night we spent with them, we gave them each a teenage Bible with devotions in it as well as a survival kit from Lifeway. This is a book that goes through the basics of being a Christian. That is one of our biggest prayer concerns – leaving these boys so open to the Lord’s work – and hoping, praying that someone will come alongside them and encourage them and disciple them.

The last night we left we also learned that one of the boys would likely be headed to prison in the next few days. These boys need our prayers…please be praying with us!

Alaska – Food Bank

2 of the mornings we were in Alaska we spent at the Food Bank of Alaska in Anchorage.

This is a very large warehouse that services lots of food pantries and other organizations all throughout Alaska. We truly enjoyed our time here! We had a wonderful lady, Mariko, who told us all about Alaska hunger problems…how most of them are children and elderly. She gave us a tour of the food warehouse, which again, is huge. Their freezer is bigger than our house I believe!

While we were at the food bank, there were also several other people we got to meet there. Prayerfully, the love of Jesus shone through our actions and words. Most of the other “volunteers” there with us were people who were serving time doing community service and were just out of jail or in a halfway house. We were blessed to work alongside these people!

We sorted food, stacked cans, cleaned up areas, looked through clothing donations and bagged potatoes. But, hopefully, we did more than that! Hopefully we planted seeds, encouraged, and enabled the food bank to get a little more food out to the hungry of Alaska. They have so many wonderful donations! But someone has to be there to go through each piece, can, box or bag of food.