Restored Hope {Free Devotional}

“Even though I walk through the darkest valley,

I will not fear, for You are with me.”

Psalm 23

Hope The Anchor For My Soul FREE Devotions

Finding Hope in Jesus

Sometimes hope is hard to find. Sometimes all hope seems lost. Sometimes we just need a tiny glimmer of hope to keep going. My prayer is that these devotions will do just that. I’m praying that as you read these words, your heart will be encouraged and your hope restored. But, make no mistake, the words on these pages aren’t the hope themselves. The hope is Jesus. It is my heart to share these free devotions with anyone and everyone that needs to read them. My struggle has been depression, your struggle may be something different. What we all have in common, though? We need hope. We have to have hope to carry on. Sometimes we just need one tiny ounce of hope to make it through the next hour.

Free Hope Devotions

Praying that you find hope in the person of Jesus. Praying that these words help restore your hope in Him. Click here to receive more encouragement by email from His Mercy is New. 

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Hope The Anchor For My Soul Free Devotional

More Encouragement

To read more encouragement in the midst of depression, please go to this page full of all the posts I’ve written on this topic. **Note: these devotions were written to be a blessing and intended to be free for anyone to read, download and print. If you would like to share these in any way with others, please do so! Please send people to this page to share them. Thank you!!