Alaska Statistics

Tonight we had several of the leaders from Alaskan mission organizations come and speak to us. It was a very interesting night! Here are some things we learned about Alaska from these leaders.

*In Alaska, 95% of the people are lost

*In a survey taken from the newspaper, 22, 000 out of 300,000 Alaskans in the city of Anchorage attend worship on any kind of regular basis at all. However, this also included other denominations that we would not consider Christian.

*In distant villages (the bush) they still have animal worship

*One of the biggest needs in Alaska is Christian leadership

*Alaska is the nation’s leader in suicide

*the incest rate is also very high here especially in the outlying villages. Young girls are raped by brothers and fathers at the onset of puberty. Close to 100% of women that come out of these villages have been raped and/or affected by incest in some way

*the LIE: this is the way life is in the village, deal with it.

*the other big issues here: teen pregnancy, STD’s and alcoholism

*100 villages in Alaska have no Christian work or ministry at all

These statistics are sobering. Please be in prayer with me that the true LIGHT would be brought into the darkness of Alaska.