Our next FIAR title will be Roxaboxen. Have you read this wonderful book by Barbara Cooney? What a treasure! I’m so thankful that my attention was brought to this book hrough FIAR. What fun we will have with this one! We will be learning about the desert, desert animals, observing a cactus, making our own roxaboxen with rocks, twigs and other various things we can find…and much more!


A few books we have to go along with Roxaboxen are:

A Desert Scrapbook: Dawn to Dusk in the Sonoran Desert

Dig, Wait, Listen: A Desert Toad's Tale

Desert Song


Other resources and ideas:

*There also is a Reading Rainbow video of Desert Giant that we will be watching!

*I’m going to get one of those small cactus plants from the store for us to observe, touch and draw in our nature journals.

*We will be doing the lapbook on Desert Animals from HSS as well!

*And HERE are the resources available for Roxaboxen from HSS. We will be finding Arizona on the map. Discussing what the other “southwest” states are, learning about what colors are known for being southwest colors, reviewing the 4 seasons, doing the cactus tri-fold book and the Arizona tab book.

*I have also gotten some of those colored rocks/stones from walmart for the kids to play with for this title. We will also pull out the rocks that the kids collect from time to time. I hope they will make their own roxaboxen and I will surely get pictures of it.

*We will also do math with all our rocks and stones!

Summer Olympics & China Notebook

We are nearing the end of our Olympic and China unit! So, today we spent some time putting all the pieces that we have done so far in our lapbook. Actually, this is not technically a “lapbook” but a notebook. I had a friend give me 2 empty never used scrapbooks with just 10 pages in them. They are 8.5×11, a size I would not use for scrapbooking, so I decided to use them for our Olympics unit! Perfect! :)

HERE are all the details of our olympic unit if you haven’t seen them yet. We still have to make the Chinese flag, haven’t gotten to that, but other than that we are about done.

The front page in Hannah’s notebook:

Where is China? Our names in Chinese. Numbers in Chinese.

All about pandas!

The Olympic oath and 2 Bible verses about running races.

The Olympic torch. A graph where we will keep track of the medals that the USA wins!

Last Week with Olympic Study

This will be our last official week of our Olympics & China unit study! When the Olympics actually start on Aug. 8th, we will of course watch alot of the competitions! We will also track the medals that the USA wins on a graph for a math lesson!

For this week, I needed a few more coloring pages. We also will paint or make the Chinese flag somehow this week. My girls ask for something to color with our unit just about everyday, and I’m out of Olympics “stuff” for them to do…so here are a few more links I found:

Different sports coloring pages – we will probably color a gymnastics page, a swimmin page, track & field and the vaulting page

Did You Know? cards – these would be neat to make a mini-book of facts you have learned about the Olympics

Summer Olympics word search – Hannah loves doing word searches!

More sports coloring pages – I actually think I like these better…I’ll probably print a few of these off to color

ABC order of summer sports – I may work on this with Hannah to refresh her memory on how to put things in alphabetical order

Olympic medals – I may print these out for our olympic games we do ourselves!

Giant Pandas (China & Olympic study)

This morning, though we are home from church due to sickness, we had the most exciting thing happen! We are continuing our learning about China and this week are learning about pandas. So, as we are surfing the channels, at noon Animal Planet starts a special on Giant Pandas! How great is that?!?! David is making fun of me for being so excited, but I just think it’s like a little present from God! :)

This show was really neat because we had just read the book, Giant Pandas, by Gail Gibbons and discussed how tiny baby pandas are. We compared how big baby pandas are – 3 ounches! to how big the girls were when they were born – 8lb 10oz, 8lb 12oz. Human babies are giants compared to panda babies! And on this show we actually got to see a baby panda being born! Amazing! We saw its pink skin with no fur, then we saw it start to get the white and black fur. It was so neat!

Giant Pandas

The mommy panda takes such good care of her baby! Whenever the nurses at the panda place would take the baby to check up on her, weigh her, etc, the mommy would pace until the baby was back. And the baby panda would cry, just like a human baby, until its mommy was holding it again. :) So sweet!

We have been working on bits and pieces of the Giant Panda lapbook found on homeschool share. Learning about pandas has been so interesting! Hannah especially enjoyed watching the special on Animal Planet. At one point she said, “I think I know why that lady loves her job…she loves getting to see those pandas everyday. I would love to get to help take care of pandas too! I wish I could touch and hold a baby panda.”

July 4th Lapbook

This week we have been working on a lapbook for July 4th. We have read a few patriotic books about our country, reviewed the pledge of allegience, learned about what it means to vote, learned how old you have to be to vote and when each of them will be old enough to vote, we discussed the 2 presidential candidates and also reviewed the characteristics of our flag.

All the links to the places I printed off each of these things is from this post on our July 4th unit.

Here is the front of the lapbook

Here is the inside

And on the back we put a rebus picture page of the pledge of allegience.