My Wellness Journey

Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here! If you’ve landed on this page it is my belief that God led you here for a  purpose. My heart is FOR YOU and I am cheering you on! Believe me when I say, if I can completely change my lifestyle, anyone can! And I mean that from way deep down in my soul to my very core!

First, let me go back to the year 2006ish. I was a desperate mama with 3 babies that God had blessed us with in 3 years time. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me and just assumed that this was what motherhood was like!

Eventually, we realized something wasn’t right and that began a loooong journey of doctors, counselors, psychiatrists and approximately 8 years on various anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds.

In the following years, I would do more than gain 50+ pounds and continue down this unhealthy path, I also lost myself. The very things that were supposed to be helping me really just brought all new baggage into my life. I like to say that the meds stole my personality. {While there were so many things going wrong during this season, God did birth in me a love for praying His Word out of desperation to feel close to Jesus. I’m so grateful. Praying in this way has transformed my prayer life. You can read more about Praying the Scriptures here.}

**Now, before we go any further, I am not a medical doctor and I am not giving you medical advice. Please always consult you doctor before making any medication changes! 

Then, just a few short years ago I decided I had had enough. I was ready for change. I was missing out on my life. In so many ways.

You can read about my journey off of anti-depressants here.

Fast forward to November of 2015. My son had a cough that we just could not get rid of. My friend Kelly had been trying unsuccessfully to get me to try oils for awhile. Ahem. So she gave me a sample of a blend of oils called RC and low and behold it seemed to help! So, I very skeptically bought a starter kit of oils (the best way to get started with Young Living) and the rest, as you might say, is history.

However, what began happening next is nothing less than a miracle in my own mind. You see, these little bottles of goodness — distilled from the very plants God Himself made — have had a HUGE impact on my emotional well being.

It’s kind of crazy the science of how God made our bodies to work. But, our sense of SMELL is the ONLY sense that goes straight to that part of your brain where your emotions and memories are held. (Have a memory tied to a smell? Yep.) THAT is why oils work so well for things like stress, anxiety, focus, grief, depression, and more.

Once God began healing my emotions, I knew the rest of my body needed to get on the right track too.

And guess what God used in my life to get me on this journey?! My essential oil TEAM and LEADER. ha! I laugh just even typing this. WHO IN A MILLION YEARS WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!?!? God really does work in mysterious ways. Our oil team is led by a medical doctor (and my friend, Edie of Lifeingrace) who challenged us in January 2017 to do the Whole 30 and listen to the book It Starts with Food.

53 pounds later I am feeling so good. Better than all those years on meds. I have energy again. I have changed how I eat. I exercise. I am motivated. I sleep well and was with energy. I am a different person. And it MAKES ME CRY to type those words. I don’t say them lightly.

You can read all about my weight loss journey  and the things I did here.

After I realized the oils were HELPING me feel better, I knew I had to SHARE. Thus began my adventure of doing this oil thing “as a business.”

But “work” is actually far too stern a word for this. Grin. I have become SO PASSIONATE about this work because I see women’s lives being CHANGED. I see weight loss journeys, people feeling good again, people finding natural options for things, women supporting their families with “extra” income, women with toolboxes full of HEALTHY tools to serve their families with. To God be the glory!

As of July 2018, I have the privilege of leading a team of 450 families and could NOT be MORE blessed to do so!! What a GIFT my team is to me!! These oils and this business are changing my life. God is so good.

If you want to read MORE about essential oils and my wellness journey, see ALL my BLOG POSTS on these topics below!

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