ACTS method of prayer {free printables}

ACTS method of prayer

My precious friends and I in my facebook community are continuing to read Too Busy Not To Pray. We have been having discussion questions each week and I’ve also done a live video inside the group to go with each week’s chapters.

In the latest chapters we’ve discussed, the author of this book discussed the ACTS method of prayer and how this can help to keep us focused during prayer as well as focusing our hearts where they need to be focused — on God first!

The ACTS method of prayer consists of the following categories:

A – ADORATION – First, before anything else, adore God, worship Him, tell Him how good He is, name His attributes. Get your eyes and focus off of yourself and place them on God. {My favorite resource for learning how to adore God is the book Every Bitter Thing is Sweet.

C – CONFESSION – Spend some time truly confessing and naming your sins to God. I can tell you that the Lord really convicted of me as I was reading this portion of the book. When we ask God to forgive us for “all our sins” or how we’ve displeased Him today…we are missing out on how God can work and truly changes our hearts when we don’t name our sins to Him. The author tells about his own experience with going to God and telling Him he had been a liar, he had been proud, etc. When we name those things day after day, we begin to hate it! We get tired of saying those same sins day after day! God can cleanse our hearts and we can move forward from those sins that we’ve struggled with for years.

T – THANKSGIVING – We can all name and count our blessings. Tell God the many ways He has blessed you. Thank Him even in the hard things. Spend some time telling God all the things you are thankful for. {My favorite resource for learning to be thankful in all things is the book One Thousand Gifts.}

S – SUPPLICATION – This is where you pray for anyone and everyone that God places on your heart! Pray for your husband, your children, your country, your church, your family, your workplace, your neighbors. Become a warrior of intercessions! We need the prayers of our brothers and sisters in Christ!

ACTS method printables

Click here to download and print this PDF to use in your prayer time. Print as many copies as you like and place them in a binder.

I have 2 options for you, just choose the one you think might work better for you!

ACTS of Prayer PDF

ACTS of Prayer


ACTS of Prayer Squares PDF

ACTS of Prayer Squares


What methods of prayer do you enjoy in your prayer life? What helps keep you focused during prayer time? Do you consistently adore God when you spend time with Him? I would love to hear about your prayer life and what helps you!

Author: Candace Crabtree

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  1. I have used this method for many years and it is really good because you start out praising God and getting your mind focused on Him. It was hard for me to confess my sins because it seemed like the list was so long but I can see the evidence of God working in me to get rid of them or at least not so evident in my life now. I will never be rid of sin because I am human and I sin daily. God is opening my eyes to so much as I yield my heart to him.

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