Praying 1 Samuel 3:10 For Your Family

I’m so thankful that you decided to join me for this 31 Day series of Praying the Scriptures for Your Family! What a blessing YOUR FAMILY will receive through your prayers! The peace we gain through prayer {Philippians 4:6-7} is blessing enough, but in praying the very Words of God over your family, the blessings gained are more than we will ever know about on this side of heaven!

As you start this journey of praying the Scriptures, I hope you will take a few minutes (less than 10) to listen to this audio encouragement where I share 5 Ways to Pray the Scriptures.

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Praying the Scriptures For Your Family

Today’s Scripture To Pray For Your Family

1 Samuel 3:10: “Now the Lord came and stood and called as at other times, ‘Samuel! Samuel!’ And Samuel answered, ‘Speak, for Your servant hears.” 

Prayer: Lord, we want to recognize Your voice. Teach us,through Your Word, what Your voice sounds like so that we can know truth from lie. Help us to know You more, to recognize Your voice, and in turn, to hear You. We don’t want to mistake the voice of the world with the voice of our Savior. We will learn your voice the more time we spend with You and in Your Word. So, we are asking for your grace and your mercy to cover our home, grant us time and discipline to spend that time in ways that allow us to know You more. As parents, may we show our children a love for You and Your Word that draws them to Yourself. Holy Spirit, have Your way in our home. Speak, Lord, we are listening.



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7 thoughts on “Praying 1 Samuel 3:10 For Your Family”

  1. I see three of my fave prayer books there: Paul Little, Jodie Berndt, and Murray- love Moore’s and O’martian’s as well- will have to check out the others. Love the theme ! Will be back later to read your posts, but off to church this morning…happened to link right above you at FB page. What luck for me! 😉 Pinning, Happy writing (and praying)! In His Grace, Dawn

  2. Thank you so much for sharing with praying the scriptures…it gets my morning off to a great start (as I SHOULD be doing anyway – with prayer and devotions; so am using your blog to jump start that part of my mornings again!! Love this idea!

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