Thieves Cleaning Wipes

Thieves Cleaning Wipes

When my babies were little, I made my own baby wipes! What?! Huh? Yes, yes I did. I used to be that mom. {ahem}

Now, for several reasons I will share below, I’m trying my hand at some homemade wipes again. This time, they are for cleaning.

I will start off by admitting to you that I love clorox wipes. I mean, I really really love them. I pretty much clean my entire house with them. Yes I do.

I know, I know…there are harsh chemicals in them.

But, I can clean a nasty toilet and then just THROW THE WIPE IN THE TRASH. There is just something wrong about cleaning a toilet and then throwing that cleaning rag into the dirty laundry or even into the washing machine. I know people do it everyday and live to tell about it. But, not me. No thanks. Gross. I’m just weird and grossed out by toilets.

Enter my new obsession love for essential oils. Thieves, especially.

{Find out more about essential oils here.}

I tried the Thieves all-purpose cleaner months ago and was hooked.

But there are still toilets to clean.


Homemade Thieves Cleaning Wipes

Enter the need for a homemade cleaning wipe! In trying to rid my home of the bad chemicals that aren’t good for us, I’ve been replacing things like lotions, shampoos, household cleaners, and more.

It was time.

It’s so simple. It’s even easier than the homemade baby wipes I used to make!

All you need are paper towels, Thieves all-purpose cleaner, water and a  container to put them in!


  • Paper towel roll (cut it in half with a large kitchen knife, then pull out the cardboard center.)
  • 1 capful Thieves Household cleaner
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 round container (I cannot find the exact one I have on Amazon, but it is rubbermaid and the EXACT size for half of a paper towel roll. Maybe  around 7 inches in diameter.)


  1. Cut your paper roll in half. I used a large serrated kitchen knife. Saw through it. It will be a bit crumbly.
  2. Place one half the paper towel roll into the round container.
  3. Pour 1 capful of Thieves Household cleaner into 2 cups of water to mix together.
  4. Pour liquid mixture over the paper towels, making sure to get all of the top wet.
  5. Let the liquid soak into the paper towels. Place lid on when not in use.

That’s it! Can you believe how easy that is?

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More About Thieves Household Cleaner

The Thieves Household Cleaner is so affordable. For $22 you buy the bottle of concentrate, and then you just use 1-2 capfuls in a whole spray bottle with 2-3 cups of water! Potentially, ONE bottle of concentrate could last you 6 months to a year!

Thieves Cleaner Price Graphic



Homemade Dusting Spray Recipe



A few weeks ago I ran out of dusting spray…the only problem with that is that I wanted to clean my living room right.that.minute. Does that ever happen to you??

So, I found {and tweaked} a recipe that I’ve been using for the past month!

Head over to The Busy Mom to get the recipe.

Let me know if you try it!


Grandmama’s Bread Recipe

Grandmama's 100 Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen a few fresh loaves of bread in your feed the past few weeks! We’ve had a Bosch (this one:Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine) for years and made bread pretty consistently when my kids were just little ones, but we’ve gotten out of the habit mostly because i don’t enjoy it! Our Bosch went unused for several years. boo. So, my husband was homeschooled all the way through and his mom tells me that he was her best bread maker as a kid. 🙂 Something to be proud of, right there!!

The past 2 times we’ve had fresh bread in our home, it has been HUBBY who has made it…and this last time, my middle daughter made it ALL by herself at age 10!! I’m SO proud of her and SO excited that there are others who enjoy the kitchen more than I do. 🙂

 Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

I had several requests for this bread recipe and so I told a friend I would post it here to share with y’all! The basis for our recipe came from the cookbook called Set for Life, which my mother-in-law has used for years. This is the bread that my husband grew up making.

Note: there are a few things in this recipe that are a bit different than how I had made bread in the past, I think the “spongeing” really is one of the secrets to this bread turning out so well! So don’t skip it!


  • 10-12 cups whole wheat flour (we recently found this 25lb bag on sale for $22 if you subscribe/save: Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flour)
  • 2 T dry yeast
  • 4 C warm water
  • 1/3 C oil
  • 1/3 C honey
  • 1 T salt


  1. Place about 6 cups of flour into the mixer. Add dry yeast, pulse to mix well.
  2. Add water, mix for 1 minute.
  3. Turn off mixer, cover bowl and let dough sit/sponge for 10 minutes. (important step! don’t skip!)
  4. Add oil, honey and salt.
  5. Turn on mixer, add remaining flour, 1 cup at a  time, until dough begins to form a big ball. The amount of flour you add here will vary.
  6. Knead for 7-10 minutes.
  7. Preheat oven to 150 degrees.
  8. Oil your hands and divide dough into equal portions. Shape loaves and place into pans.
  9. Turn off oven. Place bread in oven.
  10. Let rise until double in size, about 20-30 minutes. Watch closely.
  11. Leave bread in oven and turn up to 350 degrees. Bake for 30-35 minutes.

More Notes

Update on our chickens!

I haven’t shared about our chickens in awhile! And they have grown so quickly and have gotten so big!!

And guess what??

A few weeks ago…we got our FIRST EGG!! Now we are up to 5 eggs per day! Woo-hoo!

Our chickens love to “free range” in our yard some evenings while we are out there! One of our “ladies” likes to hop in the tree each time we let them out of their coop!! ha!



We did some reading and found that several different people suggested putting a golf ball in their nests about the time you think they will begin laying. So, we did. 🙂 This is to teach them where they should lay their eggs!!


And here is our VERY FIRST EGG!!


Isn’t it beautiful??



Since our first egg was layed a few weeks ago, we starting getting one additional egg each day for awhile. Now (early September) we are getting 5 eggs per day on average! We love our chickens!! We got our chickens when they were just a few days old in mid March. So, our chickens started laying eggs around 5 months old.

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