A Book for Lent: A Place at the Table

I wanted to go ahead and post this so that you all can order this book if you wish! I have just been introduced to it, but I am SO excited about this book and what our family is going to do as we prepare for Easter this year!! I hope some of YOU will join us!! Please let me know if you end up deciding to join us on this journey…I just ordered the book and hope to get it in time to look over it before next week – Lent starts on Feb. 22nd!
I first heard about this book on Lysa TerKeurst’s blog. She has an interview with the author that you can find here.
The idea is that you spend 40 days praying for the poor and EATING like the poor – the money you saved can be SENT to the poor! Just like Jesus fasted for 40 days…we will participate in a different kind of fast. I haven’t decided HOW we are going to do this yet…but am praying about it now!

…here is a promo video about the book and the 40 day journey. (and look at all his videos found on vimeo for this book!! There is a short video for each DAY of the 40 day journey!!)
**disclosure: amazon affiliate links used. if all 10 of my readers purchase a book through my link, I will earn a few pennies. hee hee…but seriously, thank you!! every little bit does help!

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