Scripture Gift for Your Child

Scripture Gift for Children

I have been asking the Lord to help give me creative ways to share Scriptures with my children that I am praying for them. I have done little notes in their lunch boxes, I have left notes on their pillows. Sometimes I just bring up a verse that the Lord has brought to mind.

But I wanted something more visual and LASTING that they could look at and be encouraged by.

I wanted verses my children could look at and know that their mom is praying over them! 

Scripture Gifts for Children

Scripture Gift for Children

So, I  began asking the Lord to show me one special verse I could pray over my kids in the coming year, maybe longer. And then, I created them in PicMonkey and framed them. Easy peasy. But oh, so meaningful!!

Do you have a particular verse you pray for your kids? 

You could create this in Word or PicMonkey or Publisher or wherever you do your typing!! Then just print and frame!

Here are the verses that I chose for my children!




So, I would love to hear from you…what verses would you choose for your children? 

Our most powerful prayers

Choosing a Verse to Pray for Your Child

In his book, Praying Circles Around the Lives of Your Children, Mark Batterson talks a lot about praying verses from Scripture for your children. The above quote was one of my favorites because praying the Scriptures has been very, very powerful in my own life. He goes on to say, “When we know we are praying the promises of God, we can pray with holy confidence. We don’t have to second guess ourselves, because we know that God’s Word does not return void (Isaiah 55:11). This doesn’t mean we can claim the promises of God out of context or claim them for someone else. But our problem as believers isn’t overclaiming the promises of God; it’s underclaiming them. But if we stand on God’s Word, God will stand by His Word.” Mark Batterson

I encourage each of you to pray and ask the Lord to lead you to a verse that you can use to encourage, inspire and pray over your children! I am so excited to get these verses hung in my kids room and for them to have that seed planted deep in their hearts. Seeds of truth and the prayers of their mother…that may not be an exciting Christmas gift to them at ages 12, 11 and 9, but my prayer is that years from now the Lord will minister to their hearts and they will KNOW these truths I’ve prayed over them for many years before. God’s Word does not return void, I firmly believe He will use these verses in their lives!

More Resources for Praying Moms

Would you like to be more intentional in praying for your children? Praying the very Word of God is an amazing way to do that! You can give your children the gift of PRAYING 31 Scriptures for them! 

Here is the print version        Here is the PDF download 


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