Arabella – drawing boats

Today we learned how to draw a boat…the girls did a GREAT job!!

And here are our vocabulary words. This is the 2nd week we have done this and I am so glad we are doing it! I have realized that I should just choose 3 or 4 at the most to make cards of and actually focus on. It is way too many to try and do all of the ones in the FIAR manuals, for us at least! I am generally happy if the girls pick up just 1 or 2 new words from our week! So, instead of focusing on so many next time, I have made up only 4 cards. The girls do enjoy holding the cards and listening for the words as they are read in the middle of the story! That is their “job” on 1 of our readings each week.

Our last day with The Bee Tree

For our last day with this wonderful book, we did 2 special things at our house today!

First of all, we made beeswax candles! I have been looking forward to this for a LONG time! It turned out so neat and I’m so glad we were able to do this craft together!

Secondly, we had a treasure hunt that Aunt Valerie worked on for us. She wrote out clues and hid them around our house. The kids had a fun time of figuring out where to look for the next clue! Each time the kids found a new clue, we all shouted, “EUREKA!” (this is a vocabulary word from this book!) At the end of the hunt, the kids each found a treasure bag with their name on it — CANDY! This was a lot of fun! And such a wonderful way to complete our week with this book!

~ Finding and reading clues! ~

~ The kids and their treasures! Eureka! ~

Bee Tree Fun

More on The Bee Tree by Patricia Polacco today! First of all, if you are rowing this book anytime soon, you really SHOULD read another book by her…In Enzo’s Splendid Gardens. TOO CUTE!!

Today, we started off our day by reading a few more books about bumblebees. Then, I got out the pattern blocks and asked if they knew what shape I was holding up – a hexagon! I asked them why I was using a hexagon for today…and they knew immediately that the bees formed hexagons with the wax! So, all 3 kids found all the hexagons from our box of pattern blocks. Then we counted them all together. And, then we did a printed sheet from homeschool share – how many sides does a hexagon have? 6 and Draw a hexagon by yourself – they did well! Then I had them practice drawing a few more hexagons on the back of the sheet. Hannah decided to draw her own hive with them!

I also got out the Crispix cereal I had bought for this lesson. I told them to look at it and see how many sides it had – they seemed so shocked that there was a cereal in the shape of a hexagon! LOL! So, we ate those while we continued drawing hexagons.

Then, Aunt Val called and asked if we could include Will in our fun today…I think she and Will had a rough morning, hee hee hee. I can’t imagine that feeling?!?! HA HA! So, Will came over and we started coloring our bee hives. They all colored fabulously…and then we painted yellow fingerprint bumblbees onto our hives. Then little black wings and stingers.

While waiting for them to dry, I played several versions of the Flight of the Bumblbee and had the kids do the bumblebee dance. This was too cute! I told them to BUZZZZZ while they danced and hold out their little stingers behind them. Of course I had to get a picture of their stingers.

All in all, a fun day while learning more about bees!

Our first day with The Bee Tree

Can I just say how much I LOVE Five-in-a-Row curriculum! I am SO thankful that God allowed me to find this awesome, literature based, gentle, full-of-fun curriculum while my kids are young! What a blessing!

Here are some pictures of our first day with the Bee Tree! First of all we read the book, by Patricia Polacco. The book looked a little longer and I was a bit worried, but the girls enjoyed the book – and so did I! I had never read this story before!

~ Here is our table as it was set up this morning. ~

Today we learned that our story took place in Michigan, so we read a little about this state, pointed out the 5 great lakes and colored a map of Michigan. We also placed our story disk for The Bee Tree on Michigan.

Then we colored a picture of a honeybee. We also started new vocabulary words for the first time. I printed off the pictures from HSS that correlate with the vocabulary words in the FIAR manual and pasted them on index cards. I wrote the definitions on the back and the word and picture on the front. I had them laminated as well. Today, we went over each word and then I gave each girl a few words to be listening for in the story. They did a good job with this! And we have also used these words in our conversations a few times later on in the day! The girls already seem to have learned a few of them…so that is encouraging!

We also had our Tea-and-Craft time today! To go along with the Bee Tree theme, we had biscuits with honey and butter! I also made some iced tea to drink for us. The girls asked to invite Nana, so we had a guest today! I will post pictures of our tea time in a separate post!

Valerie and I had also found some of those little GROW capsules in the Target Dollar bins, and one of them had insects in it! So, I decided to let the kids do these today. Well, be forewarned, they don’t just turn into insects FAST or anything…it took awhile, a long while! The kids actually got pretty impatient and just left them on the table in the water. But when they came back they had quite a surprise! We had all kinds of colorful insects to play with!

Hunting for Salamdanders

On Friday a few of us went up to Sugarlands visitor center in the Smokies for our final salamander event with this book. What a fun week we had!

It is so beautiful up in the mountains…I’m so thankful we live close enough to enjoy days like these. I should take advantage of our location more often!

Daddy was the first to catch a salamander! Yipee! We brought along our big ziplock bags and put a little bit of water in, just like the park rangers taught us to do. We each took a few looks at the slimy things and then released them to their homes. The kids had a lot of fun! (Well most of them, not mentioning any names, lol!)

David Christopher and Atalie were also good salamander catchers! Both of them just got right in the creek and picked those things up! More brave than me! Uncle Peter caught one also…so we had quite a successful day of salamander catching!

Then we went back across the street to the visitor center museum and looked at the animals again.

And finally, Holly knew of a wonderful spot along a creekbank with picnic tables to have lunch! The kids really enjoyed this creek! We all got our feet wet and the cold water felt so good!

Oh – and here are our finished salamanders we painted! (From the day we made them with Will out of clay!) The girls wanted spotted salamanders…LOTS of spots! And mine is in the middle with stripes.