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Yesterday I introduced my sister-in-law Valerie to you. I’m so excited that she is willing to share this series with you all because I know you will be blessed!!

There have been a few times that my nephew has been at my house and we’ve had some melt downs. I am slowly but surely learning more and more about him. At first, several years ago, I would send him home. But, after awhile, I began WANTING to learn how to do what was best for him, and WANTING to find ways I could help him calm down without sending him away each time.

So, I asked Valerie to share with us some tried and true ways that they help calm him down at home. Now, this isn’t saying that there is a guarantee that these things WILL work…because, as we all know, there is no formula for parenting. Whether you are talking about a typical child or a child with any type of special need – no formulas. (darn, I know.)

8 Ways to Help Calm an Asperger’s Child

  1. Massages ~ Rubbing feet, back and arms seems to be a big help! During a melt down, one of the most calming things that Valerie does for Colin is rub his feet, hands and arms. Not a light touch, but firm rubbing.
  2. Time Alone – Colin needs time to unwind, especially after a stressful day at school. During a meltdown, especially, it is important for him to be away from people. Usually there is nothing that anyone can say to calm him in the moment. He has to get off by himself to sort it out in his own way. After he calms down I can sometimes discuss the situation with him, but often it can start another meltdown all over again.
  3. Hugs – tight hugs help, similar to a weighted blanket or vest
  4. Removing Food Dyes from diet – From Valerie: “Colin went through a period of time where night-time became a major struggle. He became fearful and would say things about his brain being crazy. He also became very self-loathing during this time. No amount of supportive talking could calm him. It was so irrational I just didn’t know what to do. During a conversation with my mom one day she remembered that I used to wake up in the middle of night with similar symptoms and she found out it was because of food dyes. I stopped giving him all of the food color laden fruit snacks and cereals that he had been eating and he stopped having night-time anxiety!”
  5. Prayer – Valerie spent many nights praying over Colin, from Scriptures to just asking God to remove the fear and anxiety in him. She often prayed while Colin was awake, but also shared that she prays over him as he sleeps.
  6. Reading Scriptures to your child – I’m sharing specific Scriptures that Valerie prays over Colin later this week. Ask God to give you verses to speak over your child. Look for verses pertaining to things your child struggles with. Read and pray those verses for your child.
  7. Essential Oils – Valerie and I have both started experimenting more with essential oils recently. But there are 2 blends specifically that she has found to be helpful for Colin. The Jeddy’s Blend and the Zen Grounding Blend from Spark Naturals {use code VALERIE to receive 10% off your order!!} Here is what Valerie says about the oils helping Colin: “I began implementing essential oils in Colin’s foot massages just a little while ago and the difference has been amazing! I have had success with 2 different blends from Spark Naturals ~ Zen & Jeddy’s Blends. Both are formulated to be calming and relieve anxiety. The bottom of the feet have the largest pores in the body, so it it a perfect way to get oils in the system the fastest. It also cuts down on the time spent massaging. I simply rub it in and leave him alone and he is generally calmed down within five minutes.”
  8. Weighted Blanket – Valerie noticed Colin sleeping with his pillows on top of him so she decided to look into weighted blankets. Sleeping has never been a huge struggle with Colin but he loves this weighted blanket. We got ours at Sensory Goods. {Here is one on amazon that gets good ratings: Weighted Blanket Small Tan }

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  1. I am a Catholic that works with children with autism, my love term is “autists”. On my way to therapy I pray the Divine Mercy prayer to help me to know exactly what to do in any given situation. I believe that my ‘autists’ are extremely spiritual beings, and I must speak to their hearts. I could not have the success that I have were it not for prayer, in any form.

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