Lent: Waiting On God

Lent Devotions and Resources

“I can’t seem to follow through in giving up for Lent.

Which makes me want to just give up Lent. 

Which makes me question Who I am following. 

Which may precisely be the point of Lent.”

Ann Voskamp from this lovely post on Lent

Lent is fast approaching, it begins on February 18th this year. If you’re wondering why I observe Lent even though I’m not Catholic, I hope you will come back Monday for a guest post on why Lent is meaningful for all of us. In a nutshell, I just love this special time to re-focus our hearts. And here is a beautiful post from Edie, at Life in Grace, on Lent from her Lutheran perspective.

Lent is a time to focus our hearts on the sacrifice of Jesus, the cross, repentance and prayer. Lent is a time to devote ourselves to God’s Word and to constant prayer in a way that maybe we aren’t blessed to be able to do year round. Lent is a time to ready ourselves — allowing Jesus to cleanse our hearts of impurities, repentance, turning back to our first love.

Won’t you join me in this beautiful season by learning to wait on God alone. I have found, in my own life, that I often wait for things to change, for circumstances to come about, for the next best thing, for my kids to reach a certain age…but I’m not waiting on God.

Lent is the perfect time to set aside the busy calendars, to calm the rushing of our daily lives, to still our hearts before the Lord. Does this mean our regular lives go on pause? Unfortunately, for most of us, no. What this does mean is that we set aside time purposefully and intentionally to make our hearts right and pure before God, asking Him to change us and mold us, yielding to the work of the Spirit in our lives.

Wait Only Upon God Devotions

The first resource I want to share with you is my new devotional guide for waiting on God. We will spend 40 days reading Scriptures on waiting, a short devotional thought and praying the Scriptures. I would love for you to join us with the ebook or print copy. I also hope you will join me on instagram and social media with the hashtag #prayingthescriptures as we read and pray God’s Word concerning waiting.

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More Lent Resources

I have been collecting ideas I’ve found online for the past several years, books, devotions, ideas for activities and ways to observe Lent…there are some awesome ideas out there! I hope you will take a look at these resources.

Favorite Books for Lent
Links Around the Web

Lent & Easter Pinterest Board

Join me on Pinterest where I pin lots of great Christ-Centered ideas for families to use during the Lenten and Easter season!

Follow His Mercy is New’s board Easter ~ Christ Centered Ideas & Other Easter Fun on Pinterest.

Cross Centered & Meaningful Easter Art Projects

Easter Art Projects That Point To Jesus @mercyisnew.com

Pinterest is FULL of Easter eggs, bunnies and spring flowers. I love bunnies, eggs and flowers! After all, God DID create Spring and these gorgeous creatures and flowers for us to enjoy!! But, for me, Easter is the most important holiday we celebrate as believers! I want to do some art projects with my kids that show the importance of the cross.  But, I admit, pinterest let me down a bit when I went searching for “cross art projects for kids…” and such.

So, I have a few ideas for you…

Oil Pastel Cross Project

Simple project! (Similar to the hearts we did for Valentine’s Day!)  Items needed: Paper + Oil Pastels = that’s it! Start by drawing a cross in the center and color in – I used brown, but you could use any color for your cross. Take another color and go around the cross with a thin line, continue using different colors for each layer until you reach the edges of the paper. Faith Based Easter Art Projects @mercyisnew.com

See The Light: The Crossmaker Easter Story + Art Lesson!

These are lessons are PERFECT for your older elementary and middle school kids…it’s often hard to find art lessons for these kids, especially on pinterest! I was SO excited about these. I watched the videos first myself and then am using these DVD lessons with my co-op art students in the month of April.  You can find the Easter projects and many other Bible based art lessons on DVD at See The Light website. This DVD actually contains 150 minutes of instruction! 3 different art lessons all based on the Easter story, as well as an amazing telling of the Easter story with chalk pastels!

Here are some examples from one of the See The Light lessons we did in our art class at co-op!

5 Faith Based Art Projects for Easter @mercyisnew.com

Crown of Thorns Chalk Pastel Tutorial

Tricia & Nana have put together another lovely chalk pastel tutorial for Easter!! This crown of thorns is the perfect art project for the month of April, reminding our children of why we celebrate Easter to begin with.


Colorful Light Ray Cross

Here is another lovely cross art project for Easter! Tammy tells you how to go about this project on her blog.


Watercolor Cross

This cross (FREE printable) is a lovely option for watercolors! You can watercolor the floral cross and then cut out to hang in your window like stain glass! I love this one!

5 Easter Art Projects That Point To Jesus @mercyisnew.com

More Spring Art Tutorials

Celebrate Spring with Art for All Ages!

Read the rest of my series, Teaching Art {With the Help of Pinterest} here!

Tomb Cake for Easter


I want to share with you a sweet tradition that my husband’s family passed down to us. His mom always made a TOMB CAKE and I have found a way to keep it simple.

Tomb Cake @Mercyisnew.com

My husband grew up with a tomb cake to celebrate Easter each year with his family. I kind of cheated and created my own tomb cake that wasn’t quite as time intensive in the kitchen. Because, remember, I don’t exactly love cooking and spending hours in the kitchen. 🙂

Items Needed

  • 1/2 of a bundt cake (homemade or store bought)
  • green food coloring (just a few drops)
  • coconut
  • real flowers
  • toothpick & piece of paper for banner
  • tiny piece of cloth to fold and place inside the empty tomb


  1. To make this tomb cake, you need to bake ANY type of BUNDT cake! You can even BUY one!! One of those rounded angel food cakes would work also!
  2. When you have the bundt cake, cut it in HALF.
  3. Stand that half up on it’s side. Voila! An empty tomb!
  4. Once you have your tomb, I like to add green colored coconut for grass, a few real flowers, a sign that says “He is Risen!” and even a tiny piece of white cloth for Jesus’ clothing was was found folded in the tomb.

Another fun idea is to use LEGO soldiers to guard the tomb!! My MIL did this one year when she had all of the grandkids over for Easter. Such a fun addition to the tomb cake!

You could use an ANGEL from Christmas and lego soldiers/figures from just about any Lego set!! Your kids will be super impressed. 🙂 My mother-in-law iced her tomb cake with chocolate frosting, but I usually left mine without icing. Whatever you prefer!

Tomb Cake with Lego Soldiers @mercyisnew.com

More Christ-Centered Easter Ideas

Resurrection Eggs Copywork

Easter is fast approaching. I wanted some Bible verses for my kids to write during this time leading up to the believer’s most special holiday!

I’m so excited to share with you this free resource that you can use anytime in the coming weeks as you prepare your children to celebrate Easter! I have loved using Resurrection Eggs with my children for many years now. This year, I decided to try adding in some Scripture copy work in cursive so that my girls can still participate, even though they are tween girls now. Resurrection eggs are not just for little ones!! 🙂

12 Days and 12 Verses for your child to write as you open the Resurrection Eggs together! 12 Verses to take your child through the Easter story!

Click here or on the graphic to download your free PDF:

Resurrection Eggs Copywork Pack 1

Resurrection Eggs Copywork Cover

More Easter Inspiration

Memory Work Made Easy for April ~ A Poem, a Hymn, A Scripture to memorize with printables

On Easter Day

Our Tomb Cake 

Tomb Cake @Mercyisnew.com

More Christ Centered Easter Ideas


40 Day Devotional on Waiting on God Alone

Wait Only Upon God | MercyIsNew.com