Nature scavenger hunt

One of the lessons in the FIAR manual for the Salamander Room is to go on a scavenger hunt to find different things in nature. I had this planned for next week at some point, but late this afternoon David and I decided it might be fun to do this as a family! So off we went to Panther Creek State Park! I had typed up a list of items we were going to search for and let the girls check off the items as we found them. I also took pictures of most of the things we found.

The most exciting things we saw were a deer family and several beaver dams! The deer family was just far enough away that we couldn’t get good pictures, but we believe it might have been a mommy and daddy (or 2 females even possibly) but the exciting thing is that there were 2 babies with them!! We walked along the path as quietly as possible trying to get better glimpses of them! This was very exciting for all of us! Thank you, God, for little surprise blessings like seeing deer in the woods!

The creek ran along most of our walk and we noticed several dams built up that we showed the girls, there is a picture of us crossing one of them.

We also saw several butterflies, lots of leaves, moss, rocks, several spider webs, wild flowers, as well as other insects. Towards the end of our walk we found a dead cicada on the path, so we scooped it up and came home and looked at it under a magnifying glass. Cool! We saw several things that we wanted to find out as well…I’m learning new things as well! I love it!

Author: Candace Crabtree

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