Bible Reading Plans: 10 Ways To Stick To It!

How to Stick to a Bible Reading Plan |

This post comes to you from my happiest of happy CHEERLEADER voices!! Those of you reading the Bible with me in 100 Days are a few weeks into the plan. Whew. It’s a lot of reading, yes? But, God’s Word is WORTH IT, friends!!

Before I share with you 10 ways to stick to the plan, I want to encourage you NOT to give up…even if you’re behind. My encouragement to you is that you are not a FAILURE if you can’t stay on plan. I’ve heard from so many of you who are fearful of a plan like this because you’re afraid of failure.

Sweet friends, ANY DAY you spend in God’s word is VALUABLE. And it’s more time with God’s Word than you spent yesterday. Look at each day as a treasure hunt…God’s Word is truly our treasure. How can you find more of God today? How can you know Him more? Through His Word! No matter how much or how long you read, you are still getting MORE OF GOD.

Now, that said, you’ve made the commitment to read the Bible in 100 Days. If you finish in 120 days — guess what? I am still going to be JUMPING FOR JOY with you because YOU READ THE BIBLE. {grin} Are you with me??

10 Ways to Stick to a Bible Reading Plan

1. Realize how desperate you are for Jesus. When we realize this truth, deep down in the very core of who we are, we know that God’s Word is the way for us to know God more. We accept and admit that we are desperate for Him and need MORE and MORE of Him. How do we get more of Him? Through His Word!

2. Find a good friend — online or in real life — this needs to be someone you can be transparent and honest with. Text her during the day and say “pray for me.” Send a quick message and say, “I’m behind, pray that I can be a good steward of my time.” Go out for coffee and discuss what you’ve been reading!

3. Pray without ceasing. This probably should have been the first one. When we are in constant communion with God (even simple whisper prayers through the day, “God I need you…” “Lord, thank you for this moment…”) we realize the frailty of our humanness and we open ourselves up to His speaking to us. Pray often. Pray always. Talk out loud to God. Tell Him your frustrations. Ask Him to speak to You. And then…listen.

4. Look for verses to apply to your life. BUT don’t over analyze! This is a very fine line and balance in your reading time. Ask God to speak to you through His Word. But don’t get so stuck on one little verse that you can’t get your reading finished for the day.

5. Ask God to help you want to obey Him. This commitment you made, you felt it was from the Lord, yes? Then make this an obedience issue. Tell God you WANT to obey Him. Ask Him for His help in obeying! Choose to spend your time wisely and intentionally as a way to show God you love Him.

6. Remember WHY you signed up for this plan to begin with. Take a moment right now, remember back to that moment you felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit to start a Bible reading plan. What was He whispering to your heart? What was He asking of you? What was He asking you to give up so that you could complete this plan? Remember those conviction! Remember those reasons!

7. Keep in mind that not every verse or even every day of reading will be something you can apply. But, do look at it as something new you can learn about God! You may read a passage and feel absolutely nothing. But, remember, our feelings don’t dictate the truth. We learn so much about God through the books of the Old Testament. What is something new you can glean? Praise Him and worship Him for who He is!

8. Make the time extra special. What do you need to do to be more intentional about ENJOYING this time?? Light a candle, grab a cup of coffee or hot tea, use your favorite mug, have a little piece of chocolate, sit in your comfy chair with your favorite quilt. Whatever makes this time special for you, go out of your way to accomplish that! ENJOY this time with God! Make it a part of your day that you just cannot wait for!

9. Before you read, pray. Pray Psalm 51:10 or another verse. Confess sin. Repent. Ask God to show you Himself. He will.

10. Find a verse to memorize as your “theme verse” for this reading season. I love Psalm 19:7 (really all of Psalm 19) for this purpose. Go take a moment to read that Psalm — LOOK at ALL THE THINGS that God’s word provides for our hearts. God knows exactly what we need and HE is our provider!!

Helpful Links for Bible Reading Plans

Free Printable for Encouragement

Enjoy this free printable – print and place in a frame or hang on your fridge as a reminder to run with ENDURANCE the race marked out for us! All the while, fixing our eyes on JESUS!! Amen!

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Fix our eyes on Jesus FREE PRINTABLE

Author: Candace Crabtree

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2 thoughts on “Bible Reading Plans: 10 Ways To Stick To It!”

  1. Candace –

    I think you should make this statement into a printable:
    “ANY DAY you spend in God’s word is VALUABLE”

    The enemy of our souls wants us to be discouraged (feel like a failure) because we are falling behind … but … as long as we are in God’s Word – we will grow to be more like HIM and think more like HIM … That is NOT failure!

    Thank you for this challenge!


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