She laughs at the days to come…

“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.” Proverbs 31:25

Oh how I long to be this Proverbs 31 woman – not because I think we should be able to do it all – but because she laughs at the days to come! For one, I don’t know about you, but our home could use a little more laughter! But, two, I want to be able to smile and laugh IN FAITH knowing that God’s got this.

When we laugh at the days to come, we are resting in the goodness of the Father regardless of what may be happening in our circumstances.

When we laugh at the days to come, we are trusting in the sovereignty of our God who has kept every single promise He has ever made.

When we laugh at the days to come, we are believing that the blood of Jesus truly covers all our sins and that one day we will see Him face to face.

When we laugh at the days to come, we are relying on the strength that God gives in our weakness.

When we laugh at the days to come, we are depending on the sufficient grace of God that will meet us in each and every hard season of our lives.

Sweet friends, I encourage you to smile today and count your blessings. Remind your heart of the goodness of God and His faithfulness to you…yesterday, today and tomorrow…whatever you face!

{excerpt from 31 Days of Battling Our Fears with the Power of God’s Word}

Author: Candace Crabtree

I'm Candace and I'm grateful you're here. It is my heart's desire to encourage you while you're visiting and remind your heart of the truths of God's Word and the power of His love to transform lives. Great is His faithfulness! {Note: this blog does use affiliate links.}

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  1. Amen! This is one of my favorite verses in Proverbs 31. We can laugh because we know that the enemy who walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom we may devour, has been defeated, is being defeated and shall be defeated by the blood of the lamb who is also the true lion, the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Praise Him

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