Mystery of History on Kindle!



Did you know that the Mystery of History is now available on Kindle??

Volume 1, 1st Quarter is $3.99 for now! Snatch it up!!
The Mystery of History, Volume I Quarter 1: Creation to the Resurrection

This is what we used last year with our Ancient History studies and we loved it! If they had had the kindle option then, I probably would have taken it!

For Kindle, they have split up the volumes into quarters.

The Mystery of History, Volume I Quarter 1: Creation to the Resurrection $3.99

The Mystery of History, Volume I Quarter 2: Creation to the Resurrection $9.99

The Mystery of History, Volume I Quarter 3: Creation to the Ressurection $9.99

The Mystery of History, Volume I Quarter 4: Creation to the Resurrection $9.99

For Kindle, MoH Volume I has been divided into quarterly ebooks, each containing 9 weeks of lessons. The first quarter is offered at a huge discount at 3.99, with subsequent quarterly ebooks priced at $9.99 each. The cost of the entire paperback book on Amazon is $47.91, and it’s $49.95 from Bright Ideas Press (the publisher of The Mystery of History), so the Kindle version is quite a savings, plus for those who might struggle with paying the entire price up front, this is a great way to break it down into smaller payments. At $3.99 for the first quarter, even if you never buy the rest, you’ll have have 9 weeks of incredible living book history for just $3.99.

I wish they had had MoH available on Kindle last year, it is a pretty bulky book and I would have LOVED to have it on Kindle!!

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Lego History Lesson: Communism/Democracy

lego history lesson
My friend, Linda, who we meet with weekly for our little co-op, had a wonderful Lego lesson prepared for us last week to teach the kids some of the differences between a communist society and a democratic society. It was such a great idea that I had to share with you all!

First, we gave Legos to the kids and told them to build their own house, whatever they wanted it to look like. We gave them 10-15 minutes to complete their homes.

We told the kids that we were living in a democratic society and that they could go to college and study to become just about anything they wanted to be. So, she passed out job titles telling each child what their career was. She gave each child Monopoly money according to their job.

Then, we had an election. Our candidates were the mini-fig characters from Lego. 🙂 We told the kids that living in a democratic society allows us each to have our vote in elections and to help choose our leaders.

Next, Linda said we were going to show the differences and what it would be like if our society was communist.

First things first, no elections, but this fellow was their new leader:

After we had our new leader in the communist society, Linda proceeded to go around the room and take everyone’s black and gray blocks out of their homes – they could only use the colors given to them by the government. Then, she took all of the money from their previous careers and divided it up equally. Then, she told them they couldn’t have 2-3-4 kids, but only one.

This was a GREAT visual and discussion time for helping the kids to understand what it would be like to live in a different kind of society than we have in America.

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World War 2 {history resources}

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World War 2 is such a huge event from our country’s history that I found it difficult to find and read and share everything with my kids that I felt was important!! So, I started collecting ideas and books in this post so that I could share them with you!!

My favorite book for this study of WW2 is Great World War II Projects You Can Build Yourself ! It is more than a project book, so the title might be a little misleading, because I also used this as a book I read to my kids! Each section or chapter had a great summary of each of the huge subjects related to WW2.

Topics from the book:

  • life in the U.S. while the troops were away
  • supporting the troops
  • food rationing
  • fashion from the time period
  • prisons & concentration camps
  • spies
  • women in battle and in the workforce
  • war technology
  • important people

In addition to reading 1 section of this book each day, we also read lots of other great books about this time period.

Books We Read

Movies We Watched

  • The Hiding Place – if you have not read the story of Corrie Ten Boom or seen the movie, I beg you, READ IT!! Her life will inspire you to faith and greatness! These are the kinds of stories I want my children’s education to center around!! Amazing!
  • The Diary of Anne Frank

More Resources

  • Homeschool in the Woods ~ 20th Century Lapbook (we were privileged to review this product at exactly the right point in our american history studies!)
  • The Butterfly – free unit study from HSS
  • The Harmonica – free unit study from HSS
  • Anne Frank website – this is really cool! You can go on a “virtual tour” of the hidden home that the Frank’s lived in.
  • Holocaust Museum website – on this particular page there is video from Holocaust survivors


  • The start of WW2 ~ helping kids figure it out
  • Ration book activity 
  • Barter activity – bring various items in for each child and have them practice bartering with each other! (one child could have 10 pencils, one child 10 hershey kisses, one child 10 sticker sheets, etc.)
  • Field Trip to see my grandpa ~ my grandfather was a pilot in WW2 and is still living in Knoxville, TN! We went to visit him specifically for him to tell us about the war a few years ago. We also read Grandfather’s Journey at the time.

Home School in the Woods {history product review}

 photo HSitW-NewLOGO-website_zps0d8de564.gif

As a part of the TOS review crew, we were blessed to try out our first Home School in the Woods product! I have heard many great things about this company, but had never tried any of it before. Because we have been in American history for our 2nd year now, the Hands-On History Lap-Pak: 20th Century in America was perfect for us!!

 photo 20thCentury-Combined-Web_zpsfb2ecf7e.jpg

We have enjoyed many lapbooks over the years. I know they aren’t for everyone, but my crafty girls have loved them. We don’t do them every week of every year, or I think they probably would grow tired of them. But, when I see a fabulous one that goes with something we are learning about, I love to add them in! You can see many of the lapbooks we have done here.

These lapbooks from Homeschool in the Woods take lapbooks up a notch, in my opinion. They are perfect for the upper elementary and middle school age, with lots of deeper questions, topics and writing to go along with the folding, cutting and pasting. I found that my girls, 5th and 4th grade, seemed to be at the perfect age to work on these! The website suggests using this with grade 3-8 and my girls are right in the middle of that age span and did beautifully with this lap-pak.

Another thing that is different about these from other lapbooks we have done is that they are in depth and FULL of information and research topics. These lap books are not going to be done in one week, in my opinion. In fact, we have had this lapbook in our possession for nearly a month and we’ve only completed several pieces! That is because we are reading other books along with the reading material {32-page file you can print or just read on the computer} that came with our Homeschool in the Woods project pak.

The lapbook contains 22 projects and the 32-page reading material to go along with these projects. The reading material consisted of generally 1 paragraph about each “topic” that will give you and your children an overview of that event or person. Because we are in the middle of American History already and because so much happened in the 20th century in our country, I felt like we needed to dive in a bit more than just a paragraph on some of these topics! That is why we were able to use this lap-pak (lapbook with projects) for nearly 2 months!

When you purchase the lap-pak/lapbook for $21.95 from  Home School in the Woods, you receive the files to download on your computer, or you can purchase a CD for $22.95.  I, personally, would not be able to purchase many of these in my school year at this price and wish the printable version could cost a little less, because you still do a lot of printing for this and that adds to your cost! However, on the other hand, you get a LOT of files/documents and I know a lot of time went into creating these products!!

I say that it must have taken a lot of time to create because I was immediately overwhelmed when I opened the documents and saw how many files and lapbook pieces and topics were covered!! It is truly amazing all that is included! These are elaborate lap books, compared to what we have done in the past!

Some of the topics covered in the 20th century lap-pak are both World Wars, Temperance, Women’s Suffrage, the Great Depression, art movements and medicinal advancement of the 20th century, and many more.

Overall, we were very, very pleased with this lap-pak. I’m very impressed with ALL that you get in this one project pak. It is very well thought out, very well put together and covers so much for your students to dig in and study!

Here is a collage of some of my girls work on this lap-pak:

Please go check out the TOS crew blog if you’d like to read what other families are doing with Homeschool in the Woods products!

Our American History Topics

So, we’ve been on this American History journey for a year and a half now!! That’s quite a few posts on the topic…I wanted to get all the posts in one place to make it easier for anyone looking for ideas!!

This, by no means, is an exhaustive list! There are still several topics we covered and read a book about but did not do a whole lot else with. There aren’t posts on everything. 🙂 But, this will give you a great start or outline if you are starting American History!

Columbus Ship field trip, books & activities
Columbus Ships drawing
Jamestown, early settlements
Who Goes to the New World?
The Mayflower
Squanto & planting corn snack
Colonial Times
Ben Franklin
American Revolution & minutemen activity
Underground Railroad
Helen Keller
Abraham Lincoln – museum field trip
Civil War – activities, books, field trips 
Reconstruction Period & activity
Andrew Johnson & home tour
Thomas Edison
George Washington Carver & the peanut
The Titanic
Communism/Democracy Lego Lesson

World War 2

Also, here is my American History pinterest board with lots of ideas that we may not have had time for!!