Big Green Pocketbook

Today we finished up our weeks of GREEN and our fun activities with the book, The Big Green Pocketbook! What a fun time we have had! Today to finish up our week we went on an adventure. First, this morning when the girls woke up, they found green pocketbooks made out of felt waiting for them at the table. There were holes punched so they could “sew” their pocketbooks together by themselves. The girls love doing this!

Next, we got in the van for our adventure…the kids didn’t know where we were going, but they are always up for some fun! We first went to downtown Knoxville, where daddy works. We went up to his office – which is in a bank! So, we pointed out the bank tellers and such, and reminded them of the bank we saw in our story. When we got to daddy’s office, daddy took all of us around to see all the different people he works with. We even got some candy from some of them! (Mommy needs to remember to go visit daddy more often at work, because it’s a real boost for her! Everyone keeps oohing and aahing over our beautiful children!!)

After we get done touring daddy’s office, we go outside and down the street just a bit and find the trolley stop! We tell the girls we’re going to ride the trolley bus just like the little girl and her mommy did from our story! They really got a kick out of this! And the busdriver lady was so friendly with us, it was fun! The trolley’s are free and they just go in big circles every 15-20 minutes, so we rode around in the big loop and then got back off again. We got off in front of Chick-Fil-A and ate lunch together with daddy.

Next, we walk daddy back to his office, then we keep walking and go down to the general store down the street. This store is SO neat! They have big barrels of old-fashioned candy, so I let the kids pick out 1 treat each. Of course this was great fun! Then, we headed home from our adventure for naptime. What a fun day we had! The only bummer, and mommy was VERY disappointed, I left my camera sitting on the countertop! I took it outside to take pictures of the girls and their pocketbooks, then took it back in and left it! So, here is a picture of the kids from their adventure, and our green pocketbook school items…but no pictures from the bus ride…oh well, maybe next time. Daddy thought we should come do this more often, the kids loved it and it was free! Can’t beat that!

Author: Candace Crabtree

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