10 Proverbs to Pray for Your Kids

10 Proverbs I'm Praying for My Children

I’m going to just be flat out honest with you all today. Parenting is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And every season has its share of struggles, yes? You make it through the sleepless nights and then the teething starts. You worry with each stage of development and then potty training knocks you flat on your back. You survive what you think is THE strongest willed 2-3-4 year old child to realize that there ain’t NOTHING compared to a stronger willed tween. And I have heard many a parent say that parenting adults is not for the faint of heart either.

We’ve had a particularly difficult season with one of our kids and I’m PRAYING that one day I can look back on this and share the testimony of God’s goodness in this child’s life and the wisdom He gave us as parents through all of this.

That said, the Proverbs are my go-to wisdom book. I love praying through the Proverbs when I need wisdom. Praying the Scriptures has been transformational in my own life! {Go here to get a free ebook that will help you get started with praying God’s Word!}

10 Favorite Proverbs to Pray for My Kids

1. Proverbs 1:7 – Lord, may my children fear You and know that YOU are the beginning of all knowledge. May they not ever be fools in Your eyes by despising instruction.

2. Proverbs 1:8-9 – Lord, allow my sons and daughters to hear the instruction of their father and not forsake the teaching of their mother.

3. Proverbs 2:1-8  – May my children receive my words and the Words of the Lord, help them to incline their ear to wisdom and apply it to their hearts. May they cry out for discernment and listen for Your voice instead of following the ways of the world. May they seek treasure {YOUR treasure} as silver, that they may fear You, Lord, and find Your knowledge and wisdom. For You give wisdom, from Your mouth comes knowledge and understanding, You are a shield to those who walk uprightly. You preserve the way of the saints. I ask You, God, to incline my children’s hearts to You.

4. Proverbs 3:5-6 – Lord, allow my children to trust in You with all their hearts and not lean on their own understanding. Help them to acknowledge You in all their ways and then You will direct their paths.

5. Proverbs 3:7 – God, may my children not be wise in their own eyes. Grant them humility. May they fear You and despise evil.

6. Proverbs 7:2 – Lord, even when my children disobey, bring them back to Yourself, remind them that they are the apple of Your eye. May Your Word be the apple of their eye all the days of their lives.

7. Proverbs 8:33-36 – Lord, help my children to hear Your instruction and the instruction of the wise adults in their lives. Blessed are those who listen to You! Allow my children to learn that whoever finds You, finds life.

8. Proverbs 10:12 – Oh Lord, may my children know and believe with all their hearts that they are LOVED. You tell us in Your Word that hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins.

9. Proverbs 15:13 – Lord, if any of my children are prone to negativity as their mother is, may they be reminded that a merry heart makes a cheerful countenance. Help them learn how to fix their eyes on You and to be intentional about tit. Help them know that dwelling on You is where true peace is found.

10. Proverbs 18:10 – Oh God, Your name is a strong tower! May my children run to You and know they are safe!

Well, sweet friends, I could go on and on…I encourage you to read through the Proverbs for yourself and find verses that jump out at you. Say them out loud, pray them, place your child’s name in the verse. Let’s plead these verses on behalf of our families!

Resources for Proverbs & Character Training

Pocket Proverbs to Print

I thought it would be helpful to have some proverbs printed out that you can CARRY WITH YOU. This is one of those ways that I intentionally help my heart to fix my eyes on Jesus! I hope they are a blessing to you, too!

Click on the link or the graphic to download and print!

Pocket Proverbs PDF

Pocket Proverbs 2

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  1. This is great! I am doing a bible study of Proverbs right now with #GoodMorningGirls at Women Living well. This will tie in nicely with that.

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