20 Reasons to Keep Practicing Gratitude Even After Thanksgiving

Did you know that gratitude can impact not only our thinking but our physical health? Our emotional health? Our spiritual health? But it takes practice and it takes intentionally turning our thoughts to our blessings.

30 Minute Chat about What Gratitude Does For Us

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20 Reasons Gratitude is Good For Us

I did some research and looked at many, many studies that have been done over the years pertaining to practicing gratitude. (I talk a little bit about the type of experiment I found in the above video.)

Here are 20 of the top benefits we gain physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually when we practice gratitude.

  1. Better physical health
  2. Better relationships (when we show appreciation for others, our relationships are improved)
  3. Better emotional health
  4. More empathy, less aggression
  5. Better sleep
  6. Reduced stress
  7. Reduced depression & anxiety
  8. More optimism
  9. Reduced materialism
  10. Less self-centeredness
  11. Less chronic pain
  12. Fewer trips to the doctor
  13. Increased energy levels
  14. Reduced envy
  15. Increased productivity
  16. Our hypothalamus is activated when we feel gratitude
  17. We have increased “noticing” skills – we start to notice the good
  18. A happiness cycle is created
  19. God gives us peace as we practice gratitude (Philippians 4)
  20. God begins to open our eyes to how He sees people and to the blessings around us. We gain a new perspective.


Praying Scriptures of Thanksgiving

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Author: Candace Crabtree

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