Composer Study: Beethoven

Beethoven Composer Study

As most of you know, I teach piano lessons 2 days a week. I currently have 27 students and love my job and my students! One thing that I want my students to gain more of this year is music history and composer studies, as well as LISTENING to the classics. I fear we will have a whole generation of children in just a few short years who don’t know who Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms are! We’ve got to do something about that.

So, I decided to try something new this semester in my music studio. I am going to introduce a composer for the semester to my students by using various methods and resources. This is just sort of a trial run, we will see how it goes.

I will be sharing music and biographical information on a composer in our group lessons and give listening assignments for at-home as well. I have quite a few homeschool students (19 currently) and I hope that maybe some of my homeschool families will use these resources as a STARTING POINT to do more in-depth learning on their own about these composers! Of course, public school families may wish to do this also, but usually they don’t have as much time in their day for lots of extras.

Now, I will not be using ALL of the resources I am listing in this blog post! But I am hopeful that some of you will find something useful here to use in your own home when teaching your children about Beethoven!

Beethoven Poster Board Idea

Beginning with our first lesson this semester, I’m going to ask my students what they already know about Beethoven and I’m going to start a list on a large piece of poster board! After that first group lesson, I’m going to give them a bit of homework: come back to your next lesson with one NEW fact about Beethoven that you didn’t know before!

I’m going to add ALL the facts to this poster board for all students to read and learn at their lessons. Then, by the time we have our next group lesson, we will have a whole poster board of facts about Beethoven that we didn’t know before!

Learning to Spell Beethoven’s Name

I wanted my students to be able to correctly spell Beethoven’s name! And it can be a tricky one for younger kiddos.

So, I started putting the letters of his name to famous melodies and this is what I came up with!

To the tune of Frere Jacques 





Ludwig is his first name

Beethoven his last name



**If you want to watch some of my students singing this song, go here!

Biographical Information


Music for Listening

Videos & Movies

The 2nd half of this episode of Peg + Cat is about Beethoven!! I love it!

This video has more biographical information on Beethoven. Warning: this video mentions his father’s alcohol problems if that might be a sensitive issue for your family. 

Super cute (and short) video all about Beethoven’s WIG!!

Beethoven Lives Upstairs is a movie made about this famous composer! You can watch the whole thing on youtube, it is divided into several different videos. Or you can purchase the entire movie at amazon if you wish: Beethoven Lives Upstairs The audio version is great as well: Beethoven Lives Upstairs Audio Version (CD)

All Time Favorite Unit Studies

Favorite Unit Studies 2

So many of my readers are still homeschoolers, and though we placed our children in a private school for the first time this past school year,  I thought I would do a round-up of our all time favorite unit studies that we did over the years!

As homeschoolers (and even as a kindergarten teacher before having children) my FAVORITE way to teach was to use unit studies! I probably would have considered my style unit studies & Charlotte Mason if pressed to define our methods.

You can see ALL of my posts on unit studies by scrolling through them here.

Favorite Unit Studies

Favorite Unit Studies

So, how do I choose my favorites when we did unit studies for YEARS? I am a firm believer that learning can be FUN, so I’m going to choose the studies we had the most fun with!

Click on these links to see pictures and resources for each of these studies we’ve done over the years!

  1. Ancient Egypt (even older kiddos can have FUN learning about history!)
  2. Ancient Rome
  3. Nature Studies by Shining Dawn (such a GREAT way to tie in nature study WITH all the other subjects!!)
  4. Chocolate Unit Study (of course this was a favorite! Lots of taste testing!)
  5. The Olympics & Ancient Greece or Summer Olympics Study 
  6. Chickens  (when we got our chicks, so much fun! egg experiments and more!)
  7. A Winter Unit Study (lots of nature study!)
  8. Ants & Proverbs  (with an ant farm of course!)

More Unit Study Resources

Homeschool Share has TONS of FREE unit studies available for you and many of them have lap books also!

Follow His Mercy is New’s board Favorite Unit Studies on Pinterest.

Summer Geography Crash Course

Summer Geography Crash Course
{our bulletin board ready to go!}
Summer is the perfect time to do a 3 month “crash course” in U.S. Geography. We added in a few weeks of TN state history/geography as well!! I’m really excited about this time dedicated to geography and have found some fun resources to share with you!! (please let me know of any great resources in the comments!!)

Books & Resources

Links for Activities, Crafts & Ideas

Other Ideas

  • learn national anthem
  • review the Pledge of Allegiance
  • look at pictures of landmarks around our country
  • learn the capitals of each state
  • play Stack the States some more! (the kids love this, it is an app for i-phones/pads)
  • learn state abbreviations
Do you have any great and fun ideas to share concerning USA Geography?? Please share in the comments below!! 🙂
{repost from our geography summer a few years ago!}

Ultimate List of FUN Egypt Learning Ideas


Pyramids! Hieroglyphics! Mummies! Oh my!!

The web is literally FULL of ideas to do your own FUN and EDUCATIONAL Egypt study!! I’ve pulled together this post for you with the most FAVORITE ideas we used in our home…of course we found most of them with the help of Pinterest! These ideas have been the PERFECT go-alongs for our ancient history learning we are doing this year with Winter Promise! Really the whole 2nd month of our history schedule goes along well with these ideas!

 Ultimate List of FUN Egypt Learning Ideas


Our Favorite Hands-On Ideas for Egypt

  1. Hot Dog Mummies ~ I first saw the idea here and we had these as a fun introduction dinner to our Egypt study!
  2. Cuneiform writing on clay – and/or hieroglyphics – this idea was found several places in various guides we were using for history. My kids really got into the hieroglyphics and symbols!!
  3. Mummifying apple slices – I saw this idea on my friend Ami’s blog to do as a science experiment. You save an apple 3 ways and then observe the differences. This was really interesting. And gross. And the kids loved it. 🙂
  4. Life Size Sarcophagus  – this awesome idea is from Educating Laytons
  5. Papyrus boats – this idea came from this book {Great Ancient Egypt Projects You Can Build Yourself } that has AMAZING Egypt projects in it!
  6. Nile River model – this idea is in the SOTW Activity Guide and then I saw these awesome pictures on this blog, seeing her pics made me want to do this project!
  7. Mummifying a chicken – well this idea is all over the place, we used the directions from the SOTW activity guide. We tried it. Yes, we gave it our best shot. But after about a week momma couldn’t take it anymore. 🙁 So, it got thrown out. HA!
  8. Lego ziggurats and pyramids – of course you HAVE to have your children build out of legos while you are studying history! Nearly every period has something you could try!! And we discussed the differences between ziggurats and pyramids and had the kids build BOTH.
  9. Edible Nile River map – this idea is on tap for this week at our house! Doesn’t it look amazing? I found this idea on this blog.
  10. Mummifying a hot dog – so this idea (along with the apple) were more my speed. No nasty chicken juice seeping out of the bag each day. 🙂 The hot dog was actually the LEAST gross of all of them…probably because of all the preservatives already in them. ha! I followed the directions found on this blog.

More Helpful Links


Our Favorite Books on Egypt


Movies We Enjoyed


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