Ants! Truman’s Aunt Farm!

Our ants FINALLY came in the mail…so we are ready to do our ant unit! I think it will be a lot of fun watching the ants and learning about them throughout the week. (We bought an ant farm months ago and sent off for our ants. Well, they can’t mail them when the temperature is too hot, so it took this long for the temps to go down in our area and for them to be able to send them.)

Our FIAR title will be Truman’s Aunt Farm. Yes, I spelled the word “aunt.” This book will lead us to a discussion of homonyms. (Actually I’m a bit confused after reading up on homophones, homonyms, homographs?!?!?)

Truman's Aunt Farm

Activities, Lessons and Ideas

*We will be doing alot of the Ant Lapbook from HSS!

*Also, here are a few resources specifically for Truman’s Aunt Farm on HSS. We will definitely be using the ant farm observation page.

*We will have to listen to this fun little ant song. (Makes me wonder why this one didn’t hit the top 10?!)

*Here are a few ant coloring pages, A is for ant coloring page,

*Make thumbprint ants – draw an ant hill on a piece of paper, color it brown. Then use black ink to put ants on your ant hill. Draw 6 legs on the ant and eyes.

*Another craft I saw was to spread glue on a piece of paper, sprinkle sand on the paper and then glue raisins onto the sand to look like the ants.

*we will label the parts of an ant from

*we will memorize and use or copywork Proverbs 6:6 “Go to the ant, thou sluggard, consider her ways and be wise.”

*We have a Gel Ant Colony from Uncle Milton that we will have fun watching all week!

We made a cake and decorated it to look like an anthill. The problem with our cake is that the only plastic ants I could find were HUGE. So, our anthill is a little funny looking…but the kids still had fun and the cake tasted very yummy, so we will call it a success.

Next, we painted egg cartons to look like ants! I think these turned out super cute! And of course anytime paint is involved the kids are happy!  (HERE is where I found the original idea.)

Hannah painting her ant

Emily painting her ant

Caleb painting his ant

The ants up close. I cut the egg carton up to where each child’s ant had 3 pieces. So, we reviewed what the ant’s 3 body parts are called: head, thorax, abdomen.

The Apple Orchard

Our week with apples has been so fun and yummy, yummy! Today we took a little trip to Carver’s Apple Orchard! It’s a very pretty orchard out in the mountains. Their sign boasts that they carry 100 different types of apples! Wow! I didn’t even realize there were that many types!

We may not have seen 100 kinds, but we saw a lot!

A little treat of fried apple pie and apple cider!

Our happy little group

Tomorrow to finish up our apple week we will be baking an apple pie with Aunt Valerie! She is brave enough to attempt the crust. I will be her trusty assitant in the kitchen as well as photographer (of course.)

Nature Scrapbook

Hannah and I started a new project tonight! I had been trying to figure out a way to keep the pictures of nature we have seen together. Well, I love to scrapbook, so this seemed like a wonderful idea to me! Scrapbooking our nature pictures! The pictures we are using are pictures we have taken ourselves on our nature walks, so these are things we see in our own neighborhood and area.

I had some of our recent nature pictures printed off and have been waiting to find a good way to use them. I thought a scrapbook would be a neat way for us to look at them and remember what we have seen and learned. We stuck the pictures in, added stickers and I had Hannah write in the names of the flowers we have found thus far. Hannah LOVED doing this with me! I might just have me a new scrapbooking partner!

We will divide the pages into different sections. So far we have a flower section and an insect section.


Frog Lapbook

We finished our frog unit this week and put together our lapbook today! I love the cover that Molly created for homeschool share, super cute! :) Most of what we did came from the homeschool share unit and lapbook on frogs!

Here is what the inside looks like.

The inside of the booklet Frog or Tadpole. This was a great activity for the girls. I would read off a sentence and they would decide if that characteristic belonged to a frog or a tadpole.

The back of the lapbook had several worksheet type pages we did. The one on top is labeling the parts of a frog.

Apples and Painting

This week we are rowing How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World…so we will be doing lots of apple activities. I thought doing apple printing would be fun, as we have never done that before! So, yesterday, after we got back from the Apple Barn the kids were wild and bored. In a moment of desperation (or was it insanity?) I said, “Who wants to come paint with mommy?” Well, of course they were thrilled!

Here are some pictures of what we painted!

We also made fingerprint apple trees.

Hannah’s apple tree

Emily’s apple tree

Caleb’s apple tree

My apple tree.