5 Tips for a Happy Morning

5 Tips for a Happy Morning

Mornings can be tough. But they don’t have to be. And, I am learning, when I put my mind to it, I can *sometimes* even change the bad attitudes that might be present in our mornings. Notice I said sometimes. {grin} With 2 teens and 1 pre-teen, the challenge is definitely there.

As most of you know, we homeschool. Thankfully, we don’t have to rush out the door most mornings this coming school year. However, bad moods and grumpiness can appear at any time, no matter what time you start your morning.

5 Tips for a Happy Morning

1. Turn on happy music! I recently finished reading The Happiness Dare Jennifer Dukes Lee, the author of this awesome book, has a HAPPY PLAYLIST on Spotify that is AWESOME. Go check it out. {Search for The Ultimate Happy Playlist if this link doesn’t take you there.} If  you prefer more quiet music in the morning, there are lots of options for that too. This is my current favorite. The acoustic versions of these beloved songs are amazing. Maybe worship music as you read your Bible! I have found that my kids – when we are starting our morning school routine – do really well with the happy playlist and upbeat happy music!

2. Get a warm cup of something you love. For me, it’s coffee. For you, it may be hot tea. Use a favorite coffee mug. And no, you can’t have too many.

3. Read your Bible. Even just 1 Psalm a day. Even just one chapter from a gospel. When we turn our eyes upon Jesus, the things of this world fade away. I’m currently reading and discussing 1 Psalm per day with my children. I have loved the discussions we’ve had! Read a short devotional. See my favorite devotionals for moms.

4. Adore God. Pray. Tell Him how good He is. Name your gifts. When we focus on gratitude – even for just a few moments – our spirits are lifted. Start a gratitude journal. Write down 3 things each day that you’re thankful for.

5. Get moving. My son especially does much better with our first round of schoolwork in the mornings when we have moved a bit. Maybe it’s a dance party. (This isn’t typical for me, in fact, when I tried it last week my kids looked at me like I had lost my mind. HA!) We are also using this 7 minute workout app! Some of those exercises are a challenge, but we are at least trying the ones we can do. And I have also found some free work-outs on youtube recently!

BONUS TIP: eat something yummy. I try to get my kids a good dose of protein in the mornings, but sometimes a donut doesn’t hurt helping to start our day on a HAPPY note.


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  1. In our home school days I let the girls be as grumpy as they wanted if it came without complaining. I figured out that if I let them have their ‘grumps’ and I didn’t inflict my ‘sunny’ morning attitude on them too much first thing, that they got through it just fine. I was allowed one happy ‘Good Morning!’ and they were allowed one grunt; then they had to get over it enough to start with their day.

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