6 Ways This Homeschool Mom Attempts Sanity

This is our 10th-11th year of homeschooling! I still don’t quite feel like I have my act together. Imagine that. HA! But, there are definitely things I am learning HELP me to stay sane in my daily life as a mom.

I would love to hear from YOU as well! Leave me a comment telling me what re-charges you, what helps you to stay sane in this God-given role we have as moms!

In this video I talk about these 6 ways a little more…I hope you will jump right in and try ONE of these ways TODAY.

6 Ways I Attempt Sanity as a Homeschool Mom

God’s Word & Praying His Word – God’s Word is a lamp to our feet, a light to our path. He tells us in His Word that He restores us. But how can we know His ways and His path and know Him in a personal relationship if we aren’t in His Word regularly?

Food – Food is medicine. Simply put. I have more energy when I am fueling my body with the RIGHT things. The book It Starts with Food was recommended to me by Dr. Edie Wadsworth (the leader of our oily team) and it was VERY eye opening for me! Grab it and see what you think! Make small changes if you feel like it’s too overwhelming to get started.

Exercise – Exercise helps me to feel good. Adding in strength training to my walking/jogging has made a huge difference in how I FEEL. Google the benefits of exercise and strength training and see if you don’t think it would be good for you, too!

Time to Re-Charge – all of us need time to re-charge. Even Jesus went to a mountainside and spent time praying. He said, “come to me all who are weary…” God created us to need rest. It is not a bad thing to not always be on the go. What recharges you? Maybe it’s reading a book, maybe watching an episode on Netflix, maybe it’s going for a walk. Whatever it is, FIND TIME in your daily life to re-charge!

Essential Oils – the biggest benefit I have found to using oils daily and consistently is emotional stability. It is SO worth it to find natural ways to boost our moods. Anti-depressants stole my personality and I am getting it back and feeling much better because of the oils and supplements I use on a daily basis. Get started with essential oils here. 

Choosing Gratitude – CHOOSING gratitude is SO important. Gratitude helps take our eyes off our LACK and reminds us of our ABUDANCE. Here is what Max Lucado says about gratitude, “Gratitude gets us through the hard stuff. To reflect on your blessings is to rehearse God’s accomplishments. To rehearse God’s accomplishments is to discover his heart. To discover his heart is to discover not just good gifts but the Good Giver. Gratitude always leaves us looking at God and away from dread. It does to anxiety what the morning sun does to valley mist. It burns it up.” 

I would LOVE to hear from you! What keeps you sane? What recharges you as a mom? What ways have you found in your daily life to restore the peace in your own heart?

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Homeschooling Survival Tips with Essential Oils

As we head BACK TO SCHOOL, I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to use essential oils in our homeschool! Of course these survival tips can be used for mamas in any type of school setting!

First of all, you should know, I have teenagers. My particular teenagers don’t always buy into the oil thing OR want to be excited about what mom is excited about. 😉 So, just because I can’t always get my kids to participate or be excited about essential oils doesn’t mean that I can’t still use essential oils in our homeschool! {Insert my evil laugh…}

My 3 Favorite Tips for Surviving Homeschooling with Essential Oils

1. Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse.

This is the BEST way to use aromatherapy in your home and help your children to reap the benefits of essential oils without ever even touching a bottle themselves!

Diffusing is one of my TWO favorite ways to use essential oils in my home! Aromatherapy is real, y’all.

Did you know that our SENSE OF SMELL is the ONLY SENSE that goes straight to the limbic system?? Why does that matter? Do you know what the LIMBIC SYSTEM does in our bodies?!?!

The primary structures within the limbic system include the amygdala, hippocampus, thalamus, hypothalamus, basal ganglia, and cingulate gyrus. The amygdala is the emotion center of the brain, while the hippocampus plays an essential role in the formation of new memories about past experiences.

Our EMOTIONS and our MEMORIES are so very affected by SMELL. This is one of the biggest reasons why essential oils WORK so well to help support our emotional wellness. 

(Well, along with the fact that God made them and He is the ultimate Creator and a good Father who knew what His children would need!)

My favorite oils to diffuse on a school day: 

  • Orange (great for a mood boost)
  • Anything Citrus (citrus oils are HAPPY oils)
  • Peppermint (helps wake us up!)
  • Joy – need I say more?

2. Use blends in roller bottles.

I use several blends in roller bottles on a regular basis. A roller bottle top will allow you to just ROLL the oil straight onto your wrists, neck, bottoms of feet OR those of your children! Easy and quick!

These 2 particular blends I’m going to share with you are 2 of my VERY FAVORITES. (See video below to watch how I make my roller bottles!)

Focus blend. I use this focus blend with my son every morning before school. I also use it right before we tackle a tough subject like math!

Happy mama or Happy student blend. This blend is the perfect perfume for mama or the perfect way to bring some HAPPY and MOOD LIFTING scents into your home!

3. Oils for the stressed out mom.

The number 1 reason I use oils for surviving homeschooling is to SUPPORT MY OWN WELL BEING. Stress and anxiety has always been a part of my mothering. If you’ve read my blog for long, you know that depression was a part of my life for so many years. Not until I started really focusing on my health did I start to find ways to help manage my stress & mood better. Essential oils play a HUGE role in helping me to feel my best, less irritable, I don’t feel that panicky anxiety anymore. Praise God!

My favorite oils for stress:

  • Frankincense
  • Valor
  • Orange
  • Peace & Calming
  • Ningxia (not an oil but it is a supplement that is infused with oils! This is our super fruit juice supplement that helps me with stress management and energy!)

Read 4 Ways I Use Frankincense daily! 

3 Years Off of Anti-Depressants

I would love for you to read an update now that I have been off all of my anti-depressants for 3 years and am thriving. God has been so good to me. My mindset has changed. My health has changed. We are never truly hopeless if we have Christ. We have the power of the Holy Spirit living within us giving us the power to make the steps necessary to BE TRANSFORMED.

My Journey Off of Anti-Depressants

My wellness journey & 51 pound weight loss! 

Best Van Gogh Picture Books {Give Away}

Top 12 Picture Books About Van Gogh

I’m so excited to have THREE Van Gogh picture books to give away to THREE winners! Keep reading to the bottom of this post to find out how to enter!

Vincent, Theo and the Fox by Ted Macaluso is such a unique book for children! I love it! Your children will go on a fast-paced adventure all over inspired by Van Gogh’s paintings! As young boys, Vincent and his brother Theo spy a mischievous fox sneaking into a farmer’s cart. Wanting to catch the furry creature, the brothers give chase through colorful fields, over land and sea, into the city and beyond – settings illustrated by over 30 full color reproductions of van Gogh’s greatest works. On this imaginative journey, the boys – and the fox – learn about failure, success, and discovering how to be the best you can be when you grow up. It is also a sweet story about brotherhood. An epilogue gives a brief, factual biography of Vincent van Gogh.

Best Picture Books About Van Gogh

Best Van Gogh Picture Books

  1. Camille and the Sunflowers
  2. In the Garden with Van Gogh
  3. Vincent, Theo and the Fox: A mischievous adventure through the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh – I love this story that takes the reader on an adventure all over the place, from one Van Gogh painting to another!
  4. Vincent’s Colors ~ this is a very simple book with simple, short wording, but it’s also one of my favorites because the lines in this book are Vincent’s own words written about his paintings in letters to his brother!
  5. Katie and the Starry Night ~ These James Mayhew books are EXCELLENT, probably my favorite books to introduce children to these famous artists!
  6. Vincent Van Gogh: Sunflowers and Swirly Stars (Smart About Art)
  7. Visiting Vincent Van Gogh
  8. Vincent van Gogh & the Colors of the Wind
  9. The Van Gogh Cafe ~ this is more of a chapter book, 64 pages, but I had to include it because it was written by one of my favorite children’s authors, Cynthia Rylant
  10. van Gogh and the Sunflowers (Anholt’s Artists Books for Children)
  11. The Yellow House: Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin Side by Side ~ this is based on a true story and my art students and I had a great conversation based on this book after reading it together.
  12. Katie and the Sunflowers

Van Gogh Art Lessons

I have collected a few Van Gogh resources and art lessons here for you!

Teaching Art for the Non-Artist

Did you know I have a whole series of posts (enough for at least 1 semester!) on TEACHING ART for the non-artististic teacher or parent?

I am musical and creative, but I’m not an artist. However, I taught art at our homeschool co-op and LOVED it.

See all the posts here! 

Teaching Art with the Help of Pinterest

Give Away

THREE of you will win a copy of this picture book called Vincent, Theo and the Fox. U.S. Residents only.

Use the Rafflecopter to enter!

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Armor of God Homeschool Class

Armor of God Class

This semester I am leading a small group of middle school girls through the Armor of God Bible Study by Priscilla Shirer. We are using some other resources, books and ideas that I wanted to share with you, too!

When I was growing up, though I grew up in church, I don’t remember hearing much about the devil, satan, spiritual warfare, etc. I’m so excited to share these TRUTHS with my girls and the other sweet girls in this class.

Items Needed for Class

For this class you will need the DVD set Armor of God (DVD Kit) to watch through the study. 

Each student will need:


Another book that we are using hand-in-hand with this study is called This Means War: A Strategic Prayer Journal. I originally found this for my son to use, but when I started reading through it, I realized it would be hugely beneficial for the middle school girls as well!

For our first class, we watched War Room together!

Our Semester Schedule & Syllabus

I am sharing the semester syllabus (15-week) that I used with my students, but you tweak your schedule and make it work for you!

The Armor of God Bible Study Syllabus PDF

Armor of God Homeschool Class

Pinterest Board

I have been collecting ideas for this Armor of God on Pinterest. Here is the board:

Follow His Mercy is New’s board Armor of God on Pinterest.

More & Resources

  This is a very cool video that your boys, especially, will love!  

We saw this idea on Pinterest and made it our own!  IMG_4315

Making Scripture Prayer Cards

One of the big things that Priscilla Shirer keeps mentioning to do in this Bible Study is to make PRAYER STRATEGIES. So one day for class, the girls and I found verses that applied to our lives and made pretty cards out of them! (The prayer cards you see pictured here are in the back of the member workbook for you to tear out and use!) We used colored penswashi tape, and gelatos. Praying God’s Word is something I’m passionate about! I loved sharing with these sweet girls about this awesome way to pray! IMG_4311   IMG_4313

Guard Your Heart

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23 We read this verse together in class and discussed how the Armor of God and learning how to do BATTLE with the enemy is practically how we GUARD OUR HEARTS. We talked about various ways to guard our hearts: prayer, reading God’s Word, memorizing God’s Word, listening to worship music, choosing our friends wisely, attending church, hanging verses around our home – like the cards we made, or pretty pictures and signs too! This sign from Dayspring fits PERFECTLY with our study and I LOVE hanging Scripture around my home! 5620021079

Free Homeschool Resources for High School


Free Resources for Homeschooling High School

**This is a little bit of a different post for me! But, in the fall I will have a FRESHMAN in high school. Yes, take a moment and freak out with me. So, after a little bit of freaking out, I’ve been doing lots of research and talking to friends who are a little bit ahead of me in this journey of homeschooling high school. I’m collecting resources and thought I should share those with you!**

I have this friend that I dearly love. She encourages me in my faith as well as in my parenting and homeschooling. I tell her that her methods are “out of the box” and she asks me, “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?” LOL!

So, what do I mean by out-of-the-box homeschooling?

No textbooks. Or mostly no textbooks. 🙂 Or basing a class off of non-textbook related resources. Textbooks may be used, but as one of many tools used to help formulate the class.

For the most part, this friend of mine uses {mostly} FREE resources she finds on line or in her co-op. I have to tell you, she does a LOT of research for her homeschool family. She has 5 children, 2 of which are high schoolers. And you know what? I am pretty sure her kids are getting a better education than my own children. So, in a nutshell, she rocks.

I have collected so many of her resources saved and collected that I thought I should just do a blog post CRAMMED full of GOOD STUFF! I will divide up the resources by subjects.

Recommended: My friend recommends that you find textbooks (even college!) and make your syllabus based on the TABLE OF CONTENTS. Find free things (videos, PDFs, library books, activities) based on these topics and you can explore these things without even using the textbook as a main source for your class. Many of the links below came as a result of a topic found in the table of contents and looking for videos or sources online to use to teach that topic.

**If you have any resources you would like to be added to this list, please leave a comment with the link! Thank you!**

FREE Webinar to Help Parents with High School Transcripts 

Free High School Home School Resources

Full Curriculum

Ambleside Online –  full, free, 12-year, Charlotte Mason-style curriculum.


**I’m sharing lots of links to resources that accompany the text she is using for her high school Chemistry weekly lab co-op class — here are the texts she is using to teach: Conceptual Chemistry & The Joy of Chemistry & The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry

Your Morning Basket


Health & Wellness & Body Systems (Biology)


Other Sciences



Literature, Writing & Poetry


Race to the Colosseum

Spanish (Foreign Languages)

Bible & Other (Misc.)


Free High School Homeschool Resources