Natural Ways I’m Dealing with Depression

Natural Ways I'm Fighting Depression

I shared several months ago that I weaned off of my effexor. This was one of the hardest times I’ve been through in a long time. But, it has been a few months and I can honestly say I am SO thankful that I’m off of it and I can also say that I am doing well!! Yes, I still have my bad days, but overall they are pretty few and far between!!

Friends, in my opinion, this is a miracle from God. I totally expected to be back at the doctor in November asking to try a different med. I really believed that would be the case. But, here I am, several months later…on no meds!!

I wanted to share an update with you and also say THANK YOU to those of you that continue to ask how I’m doing. You bless me!!

**Note: before I share these natural things I’m doing to help fight depression, I want you to know that I am NOT against medication. Medication truly saved my sanity and family relationships for several years. There are times (and people) who just need meds. That is OK. I’m just sharing things I’m doing *at this time* to keep depression at bay. If I ever get to the point where I need meds again, I’m willing to do so. Everyone has a unique situation and needs to spend some time either with your doctor or your spouse, in prayer and sometimes just trial and error, unfortunately. I often tried several meds that didn’t help before finding one that did.  Along those same lines, I am not in the medical profession and do not pretend to give medical advice. I am only sharing what has worked for me in my own struggle with depression! 

So, without further adieu…

My Favorite Natural Helps for Depression

  1. 5HTP ~ This is the brand I have been using for several months now: 5-HTP LIDTKE 60 Caps. {Here are a few links discussing 5HTP as a natural anti-depressant: Dr. Oz, Vanderbilt University, University of Maryland}
  2. Magnesium Spray ~ I tried this idea from Wellness Mama’s recipe – there are lots of studies showing that deficiency in magnesium can be seen in lots of ways – one of those ways is depression!
  3. Essential Oils ~ I’ve been using Young Living essential oils for right at a year now. (updated 2016) and my overall mood has improved greatly. There are several oils that can help with emotional wellness: frankincense, stress away, joy, and others! Learn more about essential oils here! 
  4. Exercise ~ This is still the hardest one for me to be consistent with, but I’m trying. 🙂 My SIL and I did fabulously walking consistently through all the warmer months, but come November/December that all fell apart. I have been walking/jogging about 20 minutes on the treadmill we have at home a few times a week. I also try to use 20 -Pounds Kettlebell 2-3 times per week (would like to get into the habit of daily!!) I do the kettle ball swing. Google the kettle ball swing and see for yourself! It’s a great exercise!
  5. Lemon Water ~ I know it sounds crazy, but I put freshly squeezed lemons in my water each day and as soon as I start drinking it, I feel more energy and my mood is lighter. Happy happy water! 🙂
  6. Avoiding Grains – This, along with exercise, are the ones that are hardest for me to stick with!! But, I have more energy and less irritability when I’m off grains. Oh how I miss my carbs. 🙁

In sharing about my struggles with friends on Facebook, real life, this blog and elsewhere, I have had several people send me recommendations for things that have helped them! I have not tried these things yet, but I have them in a list to use if I even should feel like the above isn’t working any longer! Products that friends have used successfully and then shared with me are: Standard Process Min-Tran 800 T, Standard Process Min-Chex 90 Capsules, Natural Vitality Natural Calm, Jarrow Formulas SAM-e, 200 mg, 60 Count.

I would love to hear from you! If you’ve tried any natural helps and remedies for depression I would love to hear about it!

If you’d like to read more about my struggle with depression, please click over to this page where I have all my posts there for your encouragement! Particularly, I have a list of practical ideas for homeschooling while you are depressed. Also, the ideas shared in this post are mostly of the PHYSICAL realm, if you’d like to read some ways to help you if you are struggling in the EMOTIONAL or relational realm, I’d love for you to join me over at The Busy Mom where I recently shared 5 Practical Helps for When You’re Struggling

Author: Candace Crabtree

I'm Candace and I'm grateful you're here. It is my heart's desire to encourage you while you're visiting and remind your heart of the truths of God's Word and the power of His love to transform lives. Great is His faithfulness! {Note: this blog does use affiliate links.}

8 thoughts on “Natural Ways I’m Dealing with Depression”

  1. I’ve never had full-on depression, but do get Seasonal Affective Disorder often in January-February and have had mild baby blues. Things I have found that help are 5HTP, sublingual B-complex, Vitamin D, exercise, and a therapy light. The light especially really does make a difference in my energy levels on gray days!

    Thank you for this post!

    1. Mystie, thank you so much for chiming in! I remember now you mentioning that light!! 🙂 I’m also excited to read that 5HTP has helped you too. I should have listed a good B-complex, because I have tried that before. The one I bought tasted so bad I quit taking it, but I need to find another one because I know I need it.

  2. I have suffered with depression and also Seasonal Affective Disorder. The latter was really bad when I lived on the West Coast, but isn’t as bad now that I live in the south. The gloomy Vancouver rain was really depressing. I

  3. I suffered panic attacks after the birth of my 1st child for months. I knew I was low in calcium & iron (from blood tests that were done then) but it wasn’t until several years later I stumbled on something significant – low levels of calcium can cause anxiety AND/OR depression. I spent months on anti-anxiety medication, seeing psychiatrists & psychologists – when if only someone looking after me had known this link – I could have been taking a simple calcium/vit D/magnesium supplement instead. A few years ago I was talking to another mum whose wise Dr put her on calcium for her panic attacks in a similar situation – & hers went away within a few weeks! And I strongly recommended this to a young friend suffering panic attacks – it settled her anxiety down within weeks too. I also exercised (had a small job delivering pamphlets/papers in our neighbourhood at the time, which required me walking 6hrs per week!) & went swimming twice weekly with a friend for my mental & physical health. In more recent years, I suffered depression due to my daughters constant seizures & our horrid financial situation as I could not work because of this. I researched natural ways to combat depression: I started on B vitamins (which lifted my mood & energy levels within weeks – which helped me start exercising – walking in the sunshine, getting outside more & eating healthier – I also took Vit D/magnesium (for sleep issues while depressed)/calcium (to combat the depression) I see St John’s Wort widely recommended for depression but it did nothing for me. B vitamins, calcium & natural sleep remedies (& better sleep in general!) in conjunction with exercise worked for me. 🙂

  4. I have also been able to stay off prescription meds with 5-HTP, Sam-e, magnesium, and vit D (I live in MN and we go a LONG season without enough sun!!) I also exercise, avoid grains and sugar and this has greatly, greatly reduced fibromyalgia as well.

  5. I suffered from it after losing my mother at a very young age along with many other tragedies. I saw a therapist and took Lexapro for about a year in college. After I became saved, I knew God gave me those tests and trials (like Job) to bring me to this point in my life. I found a unique blend of herbs that really help me and I’m so grateful God blessed our earth with so many natural remedies!
    My husband and I have a vision and calling to start a company to provide people these plants, herbs, and other lifestyle products (including a fruit water infuser because yes to lemon water!). The website is and I would love you to come visit. Thank you for sharing your story about depression and reminding us that God is there in the darkness.

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