Monday Morning Mercies {Daybook}


Everyone loves new kitten pictures, right!? 🙂

God’s Glory Outside My Window

We are at the BEACH. We were so, so blessed to receive a free week at the beach and oh how my heart and soul have needed this time!! God is so good and so faithful. Such peace in being here!

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks for THE BEACH. 🙂 Seriously, we weren’t going to get a vacation this year and God blessed us anyway. Couldn’t be more thankful for this time.

In The Schoolroom

So, I suppose I will start leaving off this section? My kids GO TO SCHOOL in less than a month. Oh my. I’m still having heart palpitations about it if I think too long and hard. 🙂 But, mostly I’m at peace.

From The Kitchen

Ummmm. Not much to report from the kitchen.

Around The Home

Well, I’ve given my kids time off from their loooong list of daily chores and realizing they won’t be able to do that many chores once school starts anyway. I’ve been trying to just jump in and do things as needed…we have been spending an hour on the weekends getting the house back in shape and that really has worked well. I hope to continue that once school starts.

On My Nightstand

I’ve been trying to dig into fiction this summer as a little “escape” and mini-vacation from my back porch. 🙂

Ok y’all. I’ve seen that so many people love Anne Lamott. Well, this is the second book I’ve read of hers and it will be the last I think. I tried so hard. I actually finished this book because I kept hoping that all those people that love her books would be right.

Seriously, though, so many inappropriate things in this book. Language, sex, stuff I just don’t want to be filling my mind with. Ugh.

This one isn’t fiction, but a sweet friend blessed me with a copy of this book and it is WONDERFUL. I’m only a few chapters in but it is so good. Perfect summer/beach read!!

This is our next book club read. I’ve just gotten to the point where “I’m in.” I was told this book had a slower start (more historical and roman battle type stuff) but several of my good friends LOVE this book and put it on their “favorite book of all time” list. So, I’m excited to get farther into it on vacation! One of MY all time favorite reads was Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, so I know this one will be good too.

Clicking Around

So many blogs, so little time! I haven’t been reading as much (or blogging myself) lately…we’ve just had a stressful/crazy few months! Since starting piano lessons and trying to cram in lots of summer fun, my computer time hasn’t been quite what it was a few months ago. 


Praying for my kids fervently. Hoping and praying that all these changes in our lives will show some fruit and blessing sooner rather than later. I know it’s selfish to ask that, but it’s my mama’s heart’s cry.

Plans For The Coming Week

My blog has been a bit quieter than usual…I’m just finding my new place, my new focus, moving away from homeschooling, but still wanting to share great resources with my readers as well as encouragement for those struggling. I feel like I’m starting to get my groove back. 🙂

Picture Thoughts

Happy Birthday, America!


Feeling Overwhelmed?


As moms, it can seem impossible to go a day without feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or worried about our families and children. I have a tendency toward depression, which lends itself to anxiety also…so for my personality it may be even more so drawn that direction. Regardless of our personalities, though, God’s Word does give us the answers to our anxiety problems.

God’s Word doesn’t give us a formula, it leads us to a relationship. There are no 3 easy steps to getting through anxiety and depression in our lives, but He gives us the grace of Himself in us. Christ in me, the hope of glory!

I believe that this passage in Philippians, one of my all time favorites, gives us one of the major keys to having peace in difficult times of anxiety. Does the Lord promise to take our problems away? No. Does the Lord tell us this life will be easy? No.

But, He does promise us Himself and His peace. And that peace, friends? That peace is beyond our understanding. The hardest moments of our lives don’t magically disappear…but that peace transcends anything on this earth that we can see, touch or feel.

Please join me at The Busy Mom to read the rest…

Seven Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

7 Unique Mother's Day Gifts

I’m a mom. Therefore, I am now officially an expert on what moms would like to receive for this special holiday. You’re welcome. 


If you don’t read the rest of this post, show your mom how much you appreciate her. That’s it. Write a lovely card, send flowers, take her to lunch.

The end.

However, if you’d like a few more ideas….here ya go!

Gorgeous Handmade Pillows

My friend, Meghan, makes these GORGEOUS pillows!! She has a special running for Mother’s Day.

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Handmade Garland & Banners

My friend, Laura, makes these super cute garlands and letter banners! Check out her Etsy shop! If you have a wife or mom that loves decorating for different seasons, you will want to check out Pop of Happy!


Homemaking Bundle of eBooks!

Act FAST on this one! (ends MONDAY at midnight!!) Purchase here.

Lisa Leonard Jewelry

I’ve given several of these as gifts and received a few too. Some of my ALL TIME favorites!! {Click on picture below.}

Lisa Leonard - Mama Necklace

Daily Grace Vase

This Daily Grace line of items at Dayspring is my favorite! {Click on picture to view this line.}

Daily Grace - Blessed & Grateful - 7

Favorite Devotional ~ Jesus Calling

This lovely turquoise edition is on sale right now, too! {Click on picture.}

Sarah Young - Jesus Calling - (in)courage Exclusive Edition

Medallion Necklaces

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Everything Beautiful - Medallion Necklace

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Happy Monday, friends!!

A few things…

This ebook, How to Blog for Profit {and not lose your soul} is .99 TODAY ONLY!! Here is my review of this book. 


Also, remember the new devotional blog I told you about? I had my first post up over the weekend on Psalm 8 and the power that praise can have in our life! I hope you will take a moment to read it!

Psalm 81-2 @Coffee For the Soul


This & That…

Just a few random tidbits to share with you, sweet friends!

First of all, I’m leaving tomorrow to go to Allume!! I am BEYOND excited. Not only has this come at such a wonderful time for me – you know, it’s been a rough few weeks for me and all, but some of my MOST FAVORITE AUTHORS will be there and speaking. I mean, really. I am not sure what could top an event like this for me ~ a blogger, book nerd, Christian mom…I mean, just look at this list of speakers. Wow. Just wow. Ann Voskamp. No words needed. 🙂

My dear friend, Marcy, is coming down and picking me up on her way! Then we will ride the rest of the way together to Greenville. You should read this post Marcy wrote about blogging friends and community and such. I’m also beyond grateful to Leslie Nunnery for opening her home to me! She and her husband started the Teach Them Diligently conferences that I’ve been to several times now. She is allowing some of the TTD blogging team to stay in her home!! {psst. have you registered for 2014 yet?? I will be in Nashville again!!}

I also wanted to share something I’m pretty excited about…I now have 4 places that I am sharing and writing online! I just wanted to put these all in one place so ya’ll could be sure and check out these amazing sites and blogs that I am blessed to be a part of!

This first blog is BRAND NEW and it’s something I’m really excited about. I have always had the desire to write more devotional type stuff and I believe God gifted me with contributing to this site for that reason. There will be new devotions shared every morning…starting November 1st!! Come over and join us at Coffee for the Soul.

Coffee for the Soul


I already shared in my excitement about my new contributing writing gig at Heidi St. John’s blog, The Busy Mom. There is a great group of gals sharing over there, I hope you are reading all their great posts! My first post over there was Frugal Fall Decorating, I will have another post coming up in a few weeks also.


I will also be contributing once a month and the Teach Them Diligently blog starting in November! I’ve guest posted over there a time or two, but now it will be monthly! Yay!

teach them diligently homeschool conference

And last, but certainly not least, I have been a long time contributor (and fan) of the Homeschool Share blog!! My dear friend Ami, who created HSS, has become so dear to me. She really is the real thing, y’all. I hope you are reading along…there is some GOOD stuff over there. I happen to be working on a Christmas post for this blog right now. 🙂 Can’t wait!


So, there you have it. I wanted to share all of those in case some of you are new readers. These are fabulous places online to get more encouragement whether it be for your homeschool, your mothering, or you just need encouragement. There are some amazing women out there writing and sharing just for you…I hope you will join us!