10 Ways for Kids to Use Duct Tape

10 Ways for Kids to use Duct Tape

I’ve started a list of FUN things for my kids to do this summer. Duct tape is on the list…

I don’t know about you, but my kids LOVE duct tape! In fact, the last few years, their stockings have had various and unique kinds of duct tape in them. And that is one of their FAVORITE gifts. Who would have guessed?! ha!

And you know what else I learned? Duct tape is not just for boys! 

So, without further adieu, I have rounded up some of my favorite ideas for using duct tape! My kids are ages 13, 12 and 10 years, so most of these ideas can be used independently!

Neon & Patterned Duct Tape

So, these neon colors? These are my kids FAVORITES right now.

Of course, my girls also LOVE the patterned duct tape as well!

10 Things to Make with Duct Tape

For Girls: 

For Boys:

Resources for Creating with Duct Tape


Sheet Music Christmas Ball Ornament

Sheet Music Ornaments

I was looking for a creative ornament I could make for each of my piano students and I decided to try this idea! I have seen this idea with scrapbooking paper used instead of sheet music. You can use coordinating colors of scrapbook paper to match your decor or to match a team color or such!

For my piano students, I wanted to use sheet music! It is vintage at that! 🙂

Items Needed

  • Glass Ball Ornaments  (I got mine at walmart, they are plastic so that my students won’t break them!)
  • Sheet music (or other scrapbooking paper in the colors of your choice)
  • Burlap Craft Ribbon (or other colored ribbon to put through the hanger)
  • Gold Paint Pen if you wish to write anything on the balls (I put their first initial on the ornaments for my students)


Sheet Music Ornament Instructions

  1. First, cut all your paper or sheet music into strips. I would go with 1/2 an inch up to maybe 3/4 of an inch, of course this is all personal preference.
  2. Take the hooks out of the ornaments.
  3. Take a pencil and roll each strip of paper tightly around the pencil, while still holding the paper tightly, slide off pencil and slide into the ornament opening.
  4. Continue until the ball is full of paper, to your liking.
  5. Once ball is full, place lid/hanger back on it.
  6. Add burlap to the hanger.
  7. Use paint pen to write a letter or date or name on the ornament.




More Simple Ornament Ideas

Sheet Music Ornament

Check out other frugal ideas at Thrifty Thursday!

Oil Pastel & Watercolor Resist Monet Bridge

Continuing with our study of Monet, we created some beautiful water lily ponds with oil pastels and watercolors!! {See our chalk pastel lily pads here!}

Supplied Needed: Watercolor Paper + Oil Pastels + Watercolor Paints

Monet's Bridge with Oil Pastels & Watercolors @mercyisnew.com

I always love trying oil pastels with watercolors as a resist!! The kids are always afraid to go OVER the  oil pastels they’ve drawn, but the finished product is always so cool to see!


  1. Have children draw the large curved lines across the top of their paper with a LIGHT colored oil pastel to create the bridge. Remind them to press down with oil pastels so that the vibrant colors show up well!
  2. Under the bridge, have children draw lily pads and blooms that will be “in” the water after the water is painted.
  3. Color in the lily pads & blooms with oil pastels.
  4. After you are finished with all the lily pads, blooms and bridge, get out water colors.
  5. Go over the ENTIRE portion UNDER the bridge with various shades of darker colored blues, purples and greens. This will be the WATER. Remind the children to KEEP ADDING WATER. Watercolors need lots of water!
  6. After your water portion is finished, continue using blues over the TOP of your page, but in lighter shades. Paint directly ON TOP of the bridge with the light blue, which will be the sky!

The inspiration for this project came from this blog post from Art Tree Kids.

To see all the posts in this series ~ Teaching Art {With the Help of Pinterest} click on this picture below! 

Teaching Art with the Help of Pinterest @mercyisnew.com


One of my favorite tools for teaching art is Tricia’s Simple Chalk Pastel Tutorials! Find them here!

{Make sure to give your kids plenty of brain breaks throughout your homeschool day! Check out this ebook chock full of ideas!}

Cross Centered & Meaningful Easter Art Projects

Easter Art Projects That Point To Jesus @mercyisnew.com

Pinterest is FULL of Easter eggs, bunnies and spring flowers. I love bunnies, eggs and flowers! After all, God DID create Spring and these gorgeous creatures and flowers for us to enjoy!! But, for me, Easter is the most important holiday we celebrate as believers! I want to do some art projects with my kids that show the importance of the cross.  But, I admit, pinterest let me down a bit when I went searching for “cross art projects for kids…” and such.

So, I have a few ideas for you…

Oil Pastel Cross Project

Simple project! (Similar to the hearts we did for Valentine’s Day!)  Items needed: Paper + Oil Pastels = that’s it! Start by drawing a cross in the center and color in – I used brown, but you could use any color for your cross. Take another color and go around the cross with a thin line, continue using different colors for each layer until you reach the edges of the paper. Faith Based Easter Art Projects @mercyisnew.com

See The Light: The Crossmaker Easter Story + Art Lesson!

These are lessons are PERFECT for your older elementary and middle school kids…it’s often hard to find art lessons for these kids, especially on pinterest! I was SO excited about these. I watched the videos first myself and then am using these DVD lessons with my co-op art students in the month of April.  You can find the Easter projects and many other Bible based art lessons on DVD at See The Light website. This DVD actually contains 150 minutes of instruction! 3 different art lessons all based on the Easter story, as well as an amazing telling of the Easter story with chalk pastels!

Here are some examples from one of the See The Light lessons we did in our art class at co-op!

5 Faith Based Art Projects for Easter @mercyisnew.com

Crown of Thorns Chalk Pastel Tutorial

Tricia & Nana have put together another lovely chalk pastel tutorial for Easter!! This crown of thorns is the perfect art project for the month of April, reminding our children of why we celebrate Easter to begin with.


Colorful Light Ray Cross

Here is another lovely cross art project for Easter! Tammy tells you how to go about this project on her blog.


Watercolor Cross

This cross (FREE printable) is a lovely option for watercolors! You can watercolor the floral cross and then cut out to hang in your window like stain glass! I love this one!

5 Easter Art Projects That Point To Jesus @mercyisnew.com

More Spring Art Tutorials

Celebrate Spring with Art for All Ages!

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Teaching Kids to Paint Like an Impressionist

Not an artist? No worries! You don’t have to be an artist to help your child experience art! You don’t have to know all the technical art terms to give your child the gift of art. Last semester I shared lots of ideas with you for the non-artist to Teach Art {With the Help of Pinterest.} I have LOVED that series and promised you I would still come back and share more art ideas with you even though I’m not continuing the series weekly anymore.

Last semester we studied Van Gogh, this semester we are learning more about Monet and Impressionism!

All you need for this lesson: Acrylic Paint  + Watercolor Paper + Paint Brush + Water

Learning To Paint Like An Impressionist @mercyisnew.com

The main thing I kept emphasizing to my kids in art class last week was to NOT do long strokes, but DAB and BLOT with your paintbrush. Use BLOBS of paint and actually leave it on the paper in blobs. 🙂 I use highly technical art terms, you see.

At the beginning of the semester we read this book, among others I will share with you soon.

In this book, Claude Monet: Sunshine and Waterlilies  there is one particular page where you see a Monet painting up VERY CLOSE. We discussed how all you could see was blue paint. You could not really tell what it was. But, when you stepped back and looked at the whole picture, you could see the cathedral he had painted. There were no distinct lines in his paintings usually. Just blobs of paint.

Blobs of paint that turn into beautiful cathedrals. Helping my kids to remember that these are characteristics of an impressionist artist was my goal. And allowing them to attempt painting in this way will be even more memorable!

Before beginning this project make sure your kids understand that this is NOT going to be a pretty picture of something – like a pond with waterlilies. We are only PRACTICING to paint like an impressionist. Experimenting if you will! I told them that we were going to experiment painting WATER like Monet did, but that we weren’t going to make it into a finished product, really, that this particular painting day would be just experimenting.

Step 1

Put a blob of paint on your brush, dab the paper. Repeat. Again and again.


The more you dab, the more your paper begins to look like this:


We discussed how the sun shining on the water would create lighter spots and also shadowed darker places.  We added in white blobs and black blobs for shadows and light. Just add the white and black paint blobs right on top of the blue! Mix it right on the paper by just covering one color to create a new color!

I think this project went well, though I did have to walk around the room reminding kids — ONLY DAB, NO LONG STROKES! LOL!! I realize the impressionists might have stroked every now and then, but for this particular project I wanted them to just get the point of dabbing and blobbing.

To read the entire series Teaching Art {With the Help of Pinterest} click on the picture below!  

Teaching Art with the Help of Pinterest @mercyisnew.com

I was inspired to do this art lesson with my kids from various blog posts I found on Pinterest. Here is my Art Projects for Co-op Class pinterest board and here are the blog posts that inspired: from Teach Kids Art and from The Art of Education

One of my favorite tools for teaching art is Tricia’s Simple Chalk Pastel Tutorials! Find them here!

{Make sure to give your kids plenty of brain breaks throughout your homeschool day! Check out this ebook chock full of ideas!}