I am capable of joy

Grateful people are happy people.

I am listening to the audio 30book The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor and had a paradigm shift today.

For all of my adult life I have said time and time again, “I am prone to be a negative person. I am prone to being critical and melancholy.” I have written those words on this blog. I have said them aloud to friends. I have felt in my heart this discouragement at the personality God gave me. It’s just who I am, I thought. 


Do we believe God is a God of REDEMPTION or do we not? Do we really believe that God can change us from the inside out or do we not? Do we really believe that He is making us NEW CREATURES or do we not?

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

I declare to the enemy that I am done believing his lies.

I am going to make a concentrated effort to not proclaim words of defeat over my life. God created me for the abundant life and He is my joy. Not my personality, not my material items, not my circumstances. I no longer accept the idea that I’m incapable of joy because I am “prone to depression” or being negative.

I no longer accept the lie that I can’t change because God is in the business of MAKING ME NEW.

Who is with me?

**Note: this book was not written from a Christian perspective, but as a believer, I could not help but apply Biblical principles to the science of happiness he was sharing in the book. I love it when science proves what we already know to be true from God’s Word! 

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Author: Candace Crabtree

I'm Candace and I'm grateful you're here. It is my heart's desire to encourage you while you're visiting and remind your heart of the truths of God's Word and the power of His love to transform lives. Great is His faithfulness! {Note: this blog does use affiliate links.}

7 thoughts on “I am capable of joy”

  1. This is beautiful. I’m going through this same processs right now of not allowing my natural tendencies to take over but really aiming to put Jesus on His rightful throne in my heart. As is described in 2 Corinthians 10:5. As a byproduct of this the joy will come.
    I am currently reading through ‘The Happy Christian’ by David Murray. He is a professor at the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and also a Pastor. Excellent so far and I’m not even on page 40 yet. I got it for 7.5o on Amazon a few days ago and it’s already been worth $100’s (if not $1000’s) of dollars in Christian therapy sessions for me. I am reading it slowly to really absorb all the timeless truths. If I hadn’t heard him preach first I probably would have passed on it due to thinking it was advocating some kind of false prosperity gospel. It’s not. Really sound doctrine in what I am reading so far and he incorporates a lot of the secular scientific research which ,if it is accurate, not surprisingly, corroborates with the Bible as you mentioned.
    Thanks for your blog it is a blessing to me!

    1. Thank you, Veronica! I will look up this suggestion too! I read the Happiness Dare and the 4:8 principle, both from Christian perspectives and they are excellent too!!

  2. So there I actually prayed that pray with you. So done with all the messy things that separate me from knowing His Love counting it all Joy and simple trusting Him to be all I need in short be my E Ticket.

    1. Helene, I am praying for you today. Do you have someone you can talk to? I am praying that God will provide listening ears, even a counselor, for you today.

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