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Lately I have gotten into the habit of sharing a short portion of Isaiah 61:3 every time I tell my story.

“He gives beauty for ashes…”

Why that verse? Because if God’s Word wasn’t true, I wouldn’t be here today sharing my story with you. Because I believe with every fiber of my being that He does and WILL bring beauty from the ashes of our lives. You may be sitting in the ashes today. Hold on. Hang on. Cling to Jesus. Because the beauty is coming…

Essential oils played a huge role in my wellness journey. They were a BRIDGE to better health…a catalyst…a stepping stone  in the right direction to get me moving forward once again.

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about essential oils but are not able to attend a class locally or just want to learn more, I have a fun 5-day EMAIL SERIES I will begin sending out to anyone who signs up for it!

In this series I will be sharing: 

  • My wellness journey (losing 50 pounds)
  • My journey off of anti-depressants
  • My favorite oils for emotional wellness
  • The other most common oils we use in our home
  • More info from our team leader who is a medical doctor

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You can also read more of my journey about essential oils here on this page

4 Ways I Use Frankincense Daily

Because I have shared so much of my journey here over the years, it is only fitting that I now share the things that are helping me the most!

And frankincense is probably THE OIL that has helped me on my journey to emotional wellness more than any other!

Of all the ancient scripture oils, frankincense has the greatest story and the longest history – widely regarded as the most powerful aromatic substance in ancient times. Frankincense historically has been considered more valuable than gold.

Frankincense trees exist today that could very well have existed during the time of Christ. Our Frankincense is SO amazing and there is none in the world like it—harvested from trees that are more than 40 years old by the expertise of Bedouin shepherds that have been doing this for thousands of years.

If you’re reading this in an email, click here to view my short 3 minute video on how I use frankincense! 


4 Ways I Use Frankincense

  1. I put a drop of frankincense in my face moisturizer every morning. Frankincense is so good for your skin, among many other things!
  2. I put a drop of frankincense on my thumb and press to the roof of my mouth for moments of stress & overwhelmed feelings. You can do this as needed.
  3. I put frankincense (with Peace & Calming – heavenly!) in my diffuser at night when it’s been a really long day! 2 drops of each. In addition to the diffuser, I carry a bottle in my purse and smell as needed.
  4. For the last week or so, for extra support, I have been putting 2-3 drops in a capsule for extra emotional support. (Do not ingest oils from walmart or anywhere else…you don’t know exactly what all is in these oils.)

How to Research

I wanted to make a quick recommendation. I know for many of us oils start out as being really weird and we find ourselves pretty skeptical. I know. I’ve been there. Ask my good friend that I bought my starter kit from. I think she tried to convince me for over a year. ha! AND I did NOT buy my starter kit for emotional wellness. I got started with essential oils for other reasons…but emotional wellness has been the NUMBER ONE benefit I never expected. Essential oils are SO good for mood.

Your sense of smell goes straight to that part of your brain where your emotions, memories and hormones are stored. Do you have any smells that trigger memories for you? THAT is why essential oils work! Your other senses do not do this!

Do some google research:

  • sense of smell and limbic system
  • essential oils and amygdala
  • go to PubMed and type different oils and benefits into the search bar. I dare you.
  • sense of smell and memories
  • sense of smell and emotions
  • essential oils and emotions

Do you wonder why Frankincense is a most costly oil?

This video is amazing…shows ALL that goes into the frankincense harvesting process and the trees from which the oil comes.

Our company owns or partners with farms all over the world. We know exactly what does (and does not) go onto our soil and into our bottles. Some places and some plants are harder to harvest, come from farther way, etc. That is why each oil has a different price.

Getting Started with Essential Oils

The best way to get started with essential oils is NOT to get one oil and hope it changes your life. 🙂 Our starter kit has 11 of the most well-loved oils AND a diffuser (everyone using oils NEEDS a diffuser or 10) with some samples and a wholesale membership that will save you 24% off everything on the site.

The best part? You get our SISTERHOOD of women on this wellness journey led by my friend and a medical doctor, Dr. Edie Wadsworth. She does tons of teaching and videos and classes inside our group just for our team. She has classes on gut health, hormones, nutrition, emotions and more. You will love her teaching and learn SO MUCH.

In fact, one of my goals is for NONE of my members to feel so overwhelmed they don’t know what to do with their oils! We LOVE answering questions and supporting our members and truly become like family.

Click here to read more about my story and how oils have played into that. Then click “become a wholesale member” from this page to order your kit. As soon as you get our kit ordered we will add you to our groups. You can start learning right away before your kit ever comes in the mail!  Please feel free to comment or send me an email or message if you have any questions!

The Young Living Starter Kit

I am a new creation, you are too

The other day someone told me I was self-disciplined. I laughed, I rolled my eyes, and I cringed on the inside. If you could have seen me a year ago I was going through the drive thru nearly daily, eating way too much ice cream every night, and I couldn’t jog even a lap. I stayed in bed way too long in the morning and had no energy. My unhealthy emotions were all over the place.

Today I had a moment of realization. You know what??? I have lost 43 POUNDS. I am growing a business I love with over 300 FAMILIES seeking wellness! I am BECOMING self disciplined. I am BECOMING courageous. I am BECOMING strong. I am BECOMING a positive person. I am a NEW CREATION. And it started with a series of small daily good choices. It wasn’t over night. It wasn’t one big huge leap.

What good choice can you make today that might just transform your life? He is TRANSFORMING you by the renewing of your mind. Speak life and speak truth. Enough of the words of defeat that are on replay. Your mindset matters. Fix your eyes on Jesus and whatever is true, noble, lovely and right. You are a new creation in Christ.

Now, get up and walk in that newness of life. Go!!! My brave choice today was to do my first ever no make up Facebook live without dwelling on what anyone might think of me and my sweaty self.

What will your good choice for today be?? Tell me, I want to know!!

Here’s Your 15 Minute Pep Talk

(If you’re reading this post in an email click here to watch video) 

Times of Refreshing: Spring Cleanse

“Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Christ appointed for you, Jesus…” Acts 3:19-20

Lord, give us eyes to see the feast before us—a feast we often miss by being too busy to hear your Word, too distracted and stressed to sit at your feet.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.” Psalm 51:10-12

We all need times of refreshing. For our bodies, our hearts, and our minds…

The world we live in today doesn’t leave us much time for renewal, cleansing, and sitting at the feet of Jesus. Our lives are chaotic to say the least. We have work obligations, our kids need to be 7 places at once, we’re coming and going and our calendars are full.

We must make the time to feast on Jesus.

What if we spent 5 days together fasting yet feasting?

What if we denied our physical bodies of our normal diets and instead feasted on what truly fills us up? Jesus. Only Jesus.

What if we spent 5 days together feasting on the Word made flesh that our own flesh might die?

Spring 5-Day Cleanse

Join Arabah Joy and I (along with Dr. Edie Wadsworth of Lifeingrace & The Oily Sisterhood)  as we spend 5 days eating only the nutrients we need to keep us strong & healthy while feasting on what gives us true joy and renewal: Jesus. 

This 5-Day Cleanse has been a game changer for me in my own health since completing it two times now.

My journey to wellness (both physically and emotionally) has been topsy turvy to say the least. After 3 babies in 3 years, my emotional wellness tanked. I spent years on anti-depressants, prescription sleep meds, 40+ pounds overweight and pre-diabetic. Over the last year, the grace of God has allowed me to come off all of my meds, lose 42 pounds and find energy, joy and abundant life once again. He is good. You can read more about my journey here. 

This cleanse helped me in so many ways. First of all, most of us are addicted to foods that make us sick. Food is medicine. If we can deny our flesh what it wants and only feed it what makes us strong, we are more equipped to use the temples we’ve been given to live out the callings God has on our lives. Abstaining from the processed foods and junk that many of us eat for 5 days will prayerfully be a jumpstart to the healthier eating habits we need.

I don’t know about you, but I need energy to live out this life God has given me. And my wellness journey has taught me that these right choices go a long way to helping me be all God made me to be.

Secondly, the cleanse helped me to push past a weight loss plateau and keep moving forward on my health journey.

Third, a cleanse has such spiritual value for us as well as physical. It is good for us to deny ourselves. It is a spiritual discipline that has value for our mind, body and soul.

Cleanse Private Facebook Group

Arabah and I  will be hosting a private place on facebook where we can walk through this cleanse together. You will find accountability, daily verses being shared and a safe place to share your prayer needs as well as what God is teaching you during this week of fasting yet feasting.

Once you’ve purchased your cleanse kit OR if you need help ordering, please feel free to reach out to me at and I will be happy to help and then get you added to our group!

**This closed facebook group will only be for current members of our team Love, Mercy & Oils or the Oily Sisterhood.

How to Order the Cleanse

Read more about the cleanse and my 1st experience with this cleanse here! 

There are several ways you can get started with this cleanse.

1. Purchase the cleanse at retail cost without becoming a wholesale member. The cleanse, at retail cost, is $164.14.

2. OR, you can join as a wholesale member AND get the cleanse at the wholesale price for $161.25 AND when you join as a wholesale member with the cleanse I will GIFT YOU $15 back to cover your shipping & tax! So, that ends up being CHEAPER than the retail cost! (To get the membership AND the cleanse for $161, you need to join as a wholesale member by purchasing the BASIC KIT for $45 and then add on the cleanse to your order as well!)

Your membership will also include entrance to a closed, private facebook group led by Dr. Edie Wadsworth who does continuing education on wellness and all the essential oils and supplements. You will love learning about healthy living from a doctor’s perspective.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “become a new member” on the top right of screen.
  3. Choose wholesale/distributor, NOT retail.
  4. Put MY number in both boxes so that you end up with our group: 3387390
  5. Put the “basic kit” in your cart.
  6. Add the “5-Day Nutritive Cleanse” to cart by searching for this product in the search bar.
  7. Check out with form of payment.
  8. Send me a message to I know you want to join our group!

Fasting Yet Feasting

Let us be found faithful to feast on Jesus. Sometimes this means we fast from the world for a season. As we set aside this week leading up to Easter, let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross.


My Favorite Essential Oils for Emotional Wellness

**I am not a medical professional nor am I giving medical advice. I am only sharing my personal story and the things that have helped me. Please always, always consult with your medical doctor before trying to wean off of any type of medication.

One of my very favorite benefits of essential oils is the support they have been for my emotional wellness. If you’ve read my blog for long you know that I need all the help I can get. ha! For the first time in many, many years my moods are no longer the roller coaster they used to be on a nearly daily basis. Praise God!

The combination of eating well, exercising, changing my mindset, and using essential oils and supplements has been LIFE CHANGING for me.

I shared earlier this week about the very specific things I did that allowed me to successfully get off my anti-depressants and also lose 42 pounds over the last year.

Today I want to share this list of my favorite essential oils for emotional wellness!

Why do essential oils work so well to support healthy emotions?

Your sense of smell is the only sense that goes STRAIGHT to the part of your brain where all your emotions are stored. You can google limbic system, essential oils and the amygdala, or anything similar and a lot of things will come up! Your emotions, your memory, your hormones are all right in this small part of your brain…so it just makes sense that when you SMELL something it is going to either help or make you frustrated (like when you smell rotten trash!)

Think about a memory that you have that is associated with a smell. Does baking chocolate chip cookies remind you of your grandmother? Does a certain kind of lotion make you think of your aunt? This is your limbic system at work!!

So, instead of smelling and breathing in toxins all day long (candles, air fresheners, room sprays) choose HEALTHY things like essential oils — from God’s pharmacy — to not only make your house smell good but also HELP SUPPORT YOUR EMOTIONS at the same time!

My Favorite Essential Oils for Emotional Wellness

This list shows you my favorite oils and HOW I use them!

My Favorite Oils for Emotional Wellness PDF

If you’re brand new to oils or looking for a team to join, you can read more about my journey with essential oils and sign up as a wholesale member on my team: Love, Mercy, and Oils.


3 Years Off of Anti-Depressants

I would love for you to read an update now that I have been off all of my anti-depressants for 3 years and am thriving. God has been so good to me. My mindset has changed. My health has changed. We are never truly hopeless if we have Christ. We have the power of the Holy Spirit living within us giving us the power to make the steps necessary to BE TRANSFORMED.

My Journey Off of Anti-Depressants

My wellness journey & 51 pound weight loss!